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There are lots of moments in history that our nation should be proud of. For example:

The signing of the Declaration of Independence.

But no other moment in American history is as important as this one.

Thats right. Its the 8-year anniversary of a not-so famous Bruno Mars fangirling over an already famous Pete Wentz.

It feels like it was just yesterday when we all first witnessed this iconic snapshot. Its crazy to think that there was a time when Pete Wentz was more famous than Bruno Mars. I mean, Pete is still pretty famous, but Bruno performed at the Super Bowl with Beyonc, which means that he’s now in a different echelon entirely.

Things were different in 2008. Bush was still president.

But most importantly, a pre-fame Bruno Mars wasnt afraid to show his thirst for Pete Wentz. So happy 8-year anniversary of Bruno Mars stanning for Pete Wentz in a candid photo. We thank you for reminding us to never hold back about our celebrity crushes.

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