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The performer included the controversial hashtag in a tweet to promote her Orlando charity single that shes since taken down

Jennifer Lopez deleted on a tweet on Tuesday that contained the hashtag #AllLivesMatter.

The tweet also included the hashtag #LoveMaketheWorldGoRound, the title of her Orlando benefit song co-sung by Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame, as well as a photograph of the pair performing the track on Good Morning America.

The phrase #AllLivesMatter has been used as a counterargument to #BlackLivesMatter, though the latter phrase was inspired by the fact that the disproportionate numbers of black people killed by police in the US suggests black lives are less valued. #AllLivesMatter has been used by a range of people including those who profess themselves opponents of Americas new civil rights movement.

Twitter users were quick to call out Lopez for including the phrase in the post, probably prompting the quick removal of the tweet.

GoBrooklyn (@GoBrooklyn) July 12, 2016

So, march with the #BlackLivesMatter Don’t look down on us or brush us off. We’re not drifting to a useless group

Adrian Bronzer (@_Myeshaskye) July 12, 2016

Now I gotta stop liking ya old ass

According to Page Six, the outlet that first reported the news, Lopez has yet to comment on the development.

As Refinery29 points out, this doesnt mark the first time Lopez has used the controversial hashtag. In a photograph posted on Instagram on 11 July, again to promote the single, she included it in the caption.

The Cults singer, Ian Astbury, recently uttered the same phrase while performing at the RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa on 9 July, and on Tuesday apologized.

Astbury tweeted from the Cults account: I sincerely and deeply apologize to everyone I offended by using the phrase all lives matter I fully support #blacklivesmatter and wished to show my solidarity. So disheartened to know that I have offended people of color. Thank you for enlightening me that this phrase is offensive.

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