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From the beginning of their self-titled fifth album, its clear that TLC are keen to prove that they are, indeed, TLC. Understandably so, for the case against is convincing: this is the first album the band have released without any input from the late Lisa Left Eye Lopes, generally considered the trios creative nerve centre. The opener No Introduction a hyped-up list of their achievements, ironically enough might feel forced, but from then on the duo prove themselves more than capable custodians of the TLC brand.

Way Back sees T-Boz reprise the low, oddly flat vocal melodies that were such a satisfying part of the original recipe, while Haters and Perfect Girls both recall Unprettys rejection of cookie-cutter beauty. The effect is deeply nostalgic were it not for the nods to trap, it would feel like a time capsule but ultimately that familiarity is a testament to the albums quality. TLC are the second most successful girl group of all time (after the Spice Girls) and this record proves that their winning formula still works.

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