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Rosé all day has been the motto during all spring and summer of 2018. These days, you can find rosé in almost every restaurant, supermarket, and drugstore. Heck, rosé is even being sold in small cans and forty ounce bottles, so it is safe to say rosé isn’t going anywhere soon. You typically don’t think of rosé as the choice wine for those cool fall nights that are approaching, but that hasn’t stopped Rosé All Day wine to host the coolest event of the fall: The Rosé All Day Wine and Music Festival. And just wait until you find out where the rosé wine festival is taking place.

The fact that this festival even exists is proof that dreams really do come true. The first annual Rosé All Day Wine and Music Festival will take place in Dallas, Texas on Oct. 29, so don’t forget to mark your calendars and tell everyone you know; this is a monumental event. What can you expect at this rosé fest? Well, reports that there will be live music, food, and of course, rosé as far as the eye can see.  And don’t think they forgot about rosé’s saucy cousin, frosé, who will be in attendance. I guess heaven for real!

If you think this festival was just created to celebrate the amazingness that is rosé, boy are you wrong. According to their site, the Rosé All Day Wine and Music Festival is actually part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which takes place in October) and it will benefit the Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery (AiRS) “to support the women and families who battle this disease each day.”

So now that we know this festival is a philanthropic event that will benefit a good cause, how much are the tickets? General admission tickets start at $40 and allows you to buy all the rosé and food you want, plus enjoy all of the musical performances. You also get a Rosé All Day blanket and wine glass upon entrance. Not too shabby.

VIP tickets will set you back $95, but you get a lot of perks for the price. With a VIP ticket, you get the same perks as the general ticket express entry into the event, preferred viewing area, access to private bathrooms and air-conditioned areas, and access to the private VIP-only bar. A dollar from every ticket sold to the Rosé All Day Festival Wine and Music Festival will be donated to AiRS.

If you are feeling extra fancy, you and your crew can opt for table service which starts from $1,500 and can go up to $10,000. Depending on which package you choose, your table service can include the following: multiple bottles of rosé and vodka, express entry, preferred seating, a wait staff, and access to private bathrooms. Those are some serious accommodations.

So now that you know all the ticket info, what exactly should you wear to this event? Since it seems like it takes place outside, I would say go for something comfortable and casual, as long as you wear pink and white to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The Rosé All Day Wine and Music Festival sounds like a great idea, and I truly hope it goes off without a hitch since it was created for a good cause. Let’s hope there are organized professionals behind the rosé fest and it doesn’t end up being a repeat of the failed and ridiculed Fyre Music Festival. I doubt that will happen, though.

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