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Megyn Kelly had quite the spring break!

On Monday’s episode of Megyn Kelly Today, the 47-year-old host told viewers a story about her recent family vacay to Montana that was full of unexpected surprises!

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It all started when the journalist, husband Douglas Brunt, and their kids — Edward, 8, Yardley, 6, and Thatcher, 4 — thought they arrived at their “beautiful” villa, only to figure out it was the wrong house!

The former Fox News star recalled:

“We had never stayed in the house that we stayed in before… We pull up. It’s beautiful. We take pictures. We walk in and we’re like ‘Wow, this is a lot nicer than it looked online.’… [We] walk in… there’s another family inside. Okay? They’re there. They’re cooking. The music is playing. We ran. We got back inside the van. We’re like, let’s go! Let’s go!”‘

When they got to their actual destination, they realized they accidentally left their dog Basha at the other villa!

“Doug goes, ‘Where’s Basha?’ Our dog! Our dog, who had been with us. We left her — our evidence — at the first house. So we had to do the walk of shame back to the first place… The woman was like, ‘No, there’s no dog here.’ And we’re like, ‘Mmm, yes there is’… And there she was, madame queen, in the middle of the living room. So we were busted.”‘

Oh my! We’re just glad the pup is safe and sound!

WATCH Megyn tell the crazy story (below)!

[Image via Megyn Kelly Today/Twitter.]

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