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Some people fight hate with logic. Others use humor. But how many individuals do you know of that fight for equal rights by combining humor with their furniture building skills?

One father built a ‘Bi-chair’ for his bisexual daughter because she found the stereotype that people like her can’t sit ‘normally’ to be hilarious. The chair was designed by artist Má Matiazi and built by Israel Walker, according to whom it is meant “for people who can’t sit straight.” The satirical project went viral, as the internet thought it was incredibly creative. Make sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s wholesome in-depth interview with the artist Matiazi!

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Artist Má Matiazi drew a sketch of a chair “for people who can’t sit straight”

Image credits: Má Matiazi

The stereotype that bisexuals can’t sit ‘normally’ is widely known in the bi community

Image credits: eIektranatchio

Image credits: harleivy

The stereotype that bi people can’t sit ‘normally’ was started and spread by the community itself. Pink News writes the fact that bisexual people created the meme as part of the community’s “humorous trend for self-deprecating stereotypes.” It’s one of several such stereotypes, such as the ideas that bisexuals can’t “drive, do maths, ride a bike.”

These aren’t the only stereotypes that the bisexual community has ‘claimed’ for itself, though. Wear Your Voice argues that bisexuals have also called dibs on cuffed jeans, tucked in baggy shirts, the Sailor Moon anime, Green Day, Twilight Sparkle, Wonder Woman, Lady Gaga’s music, pink hair, and space. That’s right, as in the cosmos.

Israel Walker built a ‘Bi-chair’ for his bisexual daughter, based on Matiazi’s design

Image credits: mamatiazi

Image credits: Má Matiazi

Image credits: Má Matiazi

Image credits: Má Matiazi

Walker decided to build the chair for his daughter after contacting artist Matiazi and asking for her permission to use her design. Walker’s post on Facebook was shared over 3,300 times, got over 390 comments and over 2,300 likes. Which just goes to show that this modern dad knows how to get the younger generation’s attention.

Bored Panda interviewed the good-natured and energetic artist Matiazi about her bisexual chair sketch. “It was very unexpected when he [Israel Walker] spoke to me. I was in disbelief people could be so hyped about my [crappy] sketch! Israel was very kind, he spoke to me very respectfully, which is not something we’re used to as non-famous artists. People usually just come and steal our things, you know? So for being such a nice guy with such a cool daughter, well, I was excited to see this [project] done, he did a great job!”

Matiazi couldn’t believe the amount of attention her sketch got and said that nothing else she had created had got “so much attention.” She also joked that she hopes that her comics get as much attention as the sketch of the chair.

“The chair idea was just a joke. The concept is very simple: a ridiculous orthopedic chair for anyone who sits like a bisexual. It’s a joke inside another joke, and I thought it would be humourous for a very specific public. I confess, I thought no-one would give it any attention, most of my jokes are quite forgettable!”

The artist said that she doesn’t have any other similar projects in mind currently because the chair sketch was “very spontaneous and I think it wouldn’t have worked the other way around.” However, Matiazi mentioned that she’s currently working on a 3D model of the chair with a friend: “Maybe one day I’ll go for a life-sized one. I’d love to sit in a bi-chair because I made it thinking about myself.”

Finally, when asked if she had any advice to give for bisexual people struggling to come out, the artist joked: “I have no advice because I didn’t come out yet! Oh, damn, I think I just did.”

“I’m happy to see people sharing and having fun with the sketch. Bisexuality is invisible in most conversations, so it’s nice to see my sketch about it getting so much visibility. It’s been a crazy experience.”

The chair provoked a lot of reactions

It’s not all fun and games in the bisexual community. Rewire suggests that bisexuals feel “less support inside and outside the LGBTQ community”, so they’re less likely to ‘come out.’ What’s more, bisexuals “are more likely to be unemployed, in poverty and have poor health than lesbians and gay men.”

A recent analysis by Pew Research shows that only 19% of all bisexuals have ‘come out.’ This may have something to do with the continued stigma associated with being bi both from inside and outside the LGBT community. Rewire states that some members of the gay community don’t view bisexuals as being “gay enough” and don’t consider bisexuality to be a “valid identity on its own.” However, there are still people like Walker and Matiazi out there, who shine a light on the bisexual community in a very creative manner.

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