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If youre a woman who does comedy, and you put something out into the world (the internet), its a pretty safe bet that someone will offer immediate feedback on how the woman isnt funny or hot. Its so common now that its become a parody. Comedian Logan Guntzelman has taken it to the next level.

Guntzelman was part of the New Faces showcase at this years Just For Laughs festival and recently had a standup set air as part of the Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring series. On Wednesday, she posted to Twitter to thank those who watched or reached out. She also took the best YouTube comments on my set and made a beautiful montage set to Cline Dions Because You Loved Me. And this montage has everything: comments on her looks and body, a gripe about there being Too much women stuff, Google translations, and a curious reference to German actress Palina Rojinski.

Guntzelman tells the Daily Dot that this wasnt so much a commentary on the comments women get as just something she found funny: After my set went up on Comedy Centrals website, I started screenshotting the mean YouTube comments that I thought were funny. I couldnt sleep [that] night and I was looking for a relaxing activity that would bore me into a state of exhaustion, so I started editing the screenshots together into a video. (It worked. I fell asleep.)

You can view some of the other comments on the video below. To be fair, there are quite a few people who left positive ones, because Guntzelman is very funny and has an amazing spin on the period joke.

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