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The Jonas Brothers are starting off 2020 on a high note — with a killer performance at the Grammys!!

After solidifying their comeback in 2019, Kevin, Nick, and Joe deserve to be on stage during music’s biggest night! Even better still, they were introduced by Billy Porter — who is incapable of NOT being a star! Seriously, who doesn’t want to get introduced by an iconic A-lister??? THAT is how you deliver an intro!

After the intro, things started slowly with all three bros opting for an acoustic sound to build up a little rhythm and get the ball rolling downhill. But by the time the trio got on the main stage, the brought the whole house down with a nice medley performance that was equal parts catchy and dance-worthy! And with their wives all sitting front-and-center to support them along the way, well, that just made the whole thing so much better!

Watch their performance (below)!

Yessss!!! How much did y’all love that??

And seriously… about those wives… (below):

So great! You LOVE to see it!

Tell us what U think, too… sound OFF with all your comments and more (below)!!!

[Image via WENN]

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