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Its the last day of a chaotic, tragic, seemingly neverending January, and Elon Musk has one more surprise: A new song called Dont Doubt ur Vibe.

The Tesla CEO, who changed his Twitter handle to E D M to convey the specific vibes, dropped the song on SoundCloud in the early morning hours, and boasted that he wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!

The lyrics are just the same two lines repeated, and the song certainly sounds like EDM. While Musks partner Grimes was not pictured in his behind-the-scenes photos, she posted a video of Musk awkwardly raging on her Instagram stories. Musk also posted a Joker meme that incorporates the Toss a Coin to Your Witcher meme, though his song doesnt quite have the same catchiness as the Witcher breakout.

The only other track on Musks SoundCloud is from less than a year ago, RIP Harambe, and, at least from a production standpoint, this new song is an upgrade. As pointed out by The Guardian, the song that autoplays after Dont Doubt ur Vibe is called Erectile Dysfunction, from Boise artist almndjoy, and the newer comments all reference Musk.

But we have to think of the future. And people have already proposed a chilling theory about where this song might end up: that cursed Cybertruck.

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