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Welcome to another year of inventing! Matty Benedetto here – the evil genius behind Unnecessary Inventions.

Today is a very special day because I have taken a step out of the Unnecessary Studio to introduce my newest collection of inventions that you absolutely were not asking for to help solve the problems you really do not have!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date with each invention as it’s created! You can check out my previous invention posts on Bored Panda herehereherehereherehereherehere, here, and here.

Comment down below your idea for my next Unnecessary Invention that I should create!

SoloStash Pants™️

Sometimes one is truly better than two! That’s exactly the case for our debut line of denim jeans featuring one enormous pocket that stretches across your entire booty. Pack all your essentials for an entire day – no matter what’s on your schedule

Be honest, does this pocket make my butt look big?

ExtraEar Pod™️

I know you hate when your music stops when you just want to listen to one AirPod. Thankfully, those days are a thing of the past with our groundbreaking new life-like extra ear to hold that extra pod. Insert your AirPod just as you would into your regular ear as it hangs perfectly from the included lanyard.

The Laundry Chair™️

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We all have that one chair we throw all our stuff on but now I’m here to introduce the only chair ergonomically designed for piling clean clothes, dirty laundry, and the things that have been there so long you don’t know what they are so you are going to wash them anyway when you get time. Hang your elegant evening wear while tossing your sweaty gym clothes right on top. The number of features will simply blow your socks off!


Smelling fresh just got upgraded to half the time. This handy apparatus sports two sticks of deodorant to quick swipe and wipe your pits down in one flick of the wrist. Shove it right up in between your arms and be freshened up in no time. The true double pits to chesty


There’s nothing like a good book but holding it at eye level is absolute agony! Luckily your arms are saved thanks to our debut harness featuring two conveniently placed hands at the optimal reading angle. Strap in and let your mind (and hands!) wander away into your book!

The Reservoir Pillow™️ Can’t…get out…of bed…need water!

For whatever reason you are literally dying of thirst in bed, our newest pillow will be right there with zero effort required. Rest your head on this rugged plastic pillow with an integrated hose and valve to consume that precious h2o while you are dreaming away.

The CrispyCase™️

Gone are the days of wasting two hands to hold your iPhone and an ice cold beverage! Our oversized case fits snug to your precious device while quickly unfolding to be the ultimate place to rest a can. Just imagine all the things you’ll be able to accomplish with a free hand.

Some inventions take a little bit of trial and error until the final design comes to life – watch the iterations that lead up to the CrispyCase!

Flippin’ Mittens™️

Mittens are great during the winter except you can never flip someone off…until now! Introducing the universe’s first pair of mittens with one solo dedicated finger to tell people how you really feel.

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The Nuggie Necklace™️

Chicken nuggets, anytime – anytime. It’s time to strap on our debut solid gold necklace equipped with our signature nugget capsules. Each pod magnetically connects to reveal a precious chicken nugget you saved for the optimal snacking opportunity. It’s always a good time for an (almost) fresh nugget.

The BingeBrace™️

Consuming on your favorite shows just became 140x easier. It’s time to strap on our latest headgear featuring a smartphone mount mere inches from your face to binge all the shows you desire. The articulating arms allow you to slide the phone up and away during ad breaks & the credits while simultaneously being able to rotate the phone when you want to browse social media.

The MicroLuggage Max™️

Meet the worlds smallest roller luggage system! Our collection sports every feature you would see on a typical carry on bag – from telescoping handle, locking system, ultra fast wheels, and a gorgeous interior print. Become a minimalist you’ve always wanted to be and never sacrifice for quality.

Sushi Shades™️

Sushi Shades™️ A plate and utensils right on your face 24/7! Our newest oversized futuristic sunglasses are equipped with ultra convenient chopstick arms that pop off at a moments notice. Enjoy your favorite fresh sushi right on the flat plate-like back of the lenses whether you are on the beach, hitting the club, or just sitting at home with your sunglasses on. Full cutlery expansion sets coming summer 2032!

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The SockNoMore™️ Bending over to take off your socks is so 2019! Our newest device features two spring loaded Velcro platforms to effortlessly grip and rip your smelly socks off your feet completely hands-free. Dip your toes into our patented sock grasping clamps to let your little toes free! Now who will give me a good foot massage.

Round Ramen™️

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Right Round Ramen™️ Save your wrists from carpal tunnel one noodle at a time. Let your love for ramen spin out of control with our state-of-the-art noodle rotating chopsticks. Chow down on this classic meal in no time at all without having to painstakingly having to manually turn your wrists! Keep an eye on it or it might just roll right into your next meal!


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