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Billie Eilish likes to buck conventions and so do her fans. Even though the 18-year-old singer has been a in music for over two years now (depending on what you define as recognizable), her considerable fanbase still doesnt have a unified name by which they refer to themselves.

Over the years, weve seen a wide and creative array of fandom names for musical artistsDirectioners (One Direction), Swifties (), the Beyhive (Beyonc), Little Monsters (Lady Gaga), the list goes on. But there hasnt even been too much public debate as to what Eilish fans are called. Theyre just Billie Eilish fans, right?

A tweet from Billie Eilish stan account @ccharteilish sparked a discussion last week with a tweet in which they referred to Eilish fans as Avocados.

Avocados! Lets help @selenagomez get #1 on Billboard Hot 200! Buy and Stream #RARE! they tweeted.

The reference was quickly picked up on by another Twitter user, who asked the question on everyones mind: Are billie fans called avocados???

The connection between the Bad Guy singer and millennials fave toast topping is a random and somewhat outdated one, but it wasnt just pulled out of thin air.

Before Eilish began topping Billboard charts, she went through a series of different usernames on social mediaold school style, aka random descriptors rather than just first and last name. The most prominent one was @wherearetheavocados, which was her Instagram name for a time.

I made this grilled cheese once, I was in the kitchen and I wanted some avocado, I was home alone, so I just screamed where are the avocados and I decided to make that my username and here we are, Eilish explained in a 2017 interview. Now there are fan accounts like billiesavocados, herearetheavocados, therearetheavocados and its just this random thing I thought of four years ago.

But Eilish fans dont seem interested in Avocados being their defining term. If Eilish ditched the account, avocados are basically dead to them.

That was a long time ago, Twitter user @bilfavor wrote. Even billie cringes at the mention of them now.

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