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Gustavo, 31, nurse practitioner, meets Bryan, 34, head of sales

Gustavo on Bryan

What were you hoping for?
At worst, a funny date story and a free dinner. At best, a good time with someone I might not have otherwise met, and a free dinner.

First impressions?
Handsome and punctual.

What did you talk about?
Travel, families, our jobs, hobbies, past relationships, music, food.

Any awkward moments?
Nothing springs to mind.

Good table manners?
Yes, although we had a laugh at this question before we even started eating.

Best thing about Bryan?
Hes relaxed, which makes him easy to talk to; the conversation flowed really well all night.

Would you introduce him to your friends?
I would: I think theyd get on well.

Describe Bryan in three words
Funny, charming, interesting.

What do you think he made of you?
I have no idea. Probably that I talk a lot, which is true.

Did you go on somewhere?
We went to a pub near the restaurant, and had a couple of drinks before getting the tube home.

And… did you kiss?
A gentleman never tells.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?
That Id planned better and didnt have to panic-buy date clothes because I didnt have time to go to the flat and get dressed.

Marks out of 10?
9, I had a really nice time.

Would you meet again?
We swapped numbers (and Twitter handles). Id be up for seeing him again, definitely.


Want to be in Blind date?

Blind date is Guardian Weekend magazines dating column: every week, two strangers are paired up for dinner and drinks, and then spill the beans to us, answering a set of questions. This runs, with a photograph we take of each dater before the date, in Guardian Weekend magazine (in the UK) and online attheguardian.comevery Saturday. Its been running since 2009 you can read all about how we put it together here.

What questions will I be asked?
We ask about age, location, occupation, hobbies, interests and the type of person you are looking to meet. If you do not think these questions cover everything you would like to know, tell us whats on your mind.

Can I choose who I match with?
No, its a blind date! But we do ask you a bit about your interests, preferences, etc the more you tell us, the better the match is likely to be.

Can I pick the photograph?
No, but don’t worry: we’ll choose the nicest ones.

What personal details will appear?
Your first name, job and age.

How should I answer?
Honestly but respectfully. Be mindful of how it will read to your date, and that Blind date reaches a large audience, in print and online.

Will I see the other persons answers?
No. We may edit yours and theirs for a range of reasons, including length, and we may ask you for more details.

Will you find me The One?
Well try! Marriage! Babies!

Can I do it in my home town?
Only if its in the UK. Many of our applicants live in London, but we would love to hear from people living elsewhere.

How to apply

Bryan on Gustavo

What were you hoping for?
A fun chat with a funny, clever guy who doesnt take himself (or me) too seriously.

First impressions?
Very handsome and immediately engaged, conscientious, and clearly very intelligent. Great jumper, too.

What did you talk about?
Growing up gay in a small town (cue Bronski Beat), our strange families and their niche faiths, genetic testing kits, what it means to be an LGBTQ+ ally, sports, musicals.

Any awkward moments?
Nothing I noticed.

Good table manners?
His were perfect.

Best thing about Gustavo?
Hes completely present in conversation.

Would you introduce him to your friends?
Sure, but heaven knows what hed make of those heathens.

Describe Gustavo in three words?
Attentive, ambitious, accomplished.

What do you think he made of you?
A tall, scatterbrained geek who has a hard time shutting up.

Did you go on somewhere?
We went to a nearby pub for some beers and whisky.

And… did you kiss?
No just two big hugs on the Victoria line. I misheard which stop was his, and clumsily went in for the hug early. Ah well.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?
Nothing. I had a great night.

Marks out of 10?

Would you meet again?
As friends, 100%. I dont think there was a romantic spark for either of us.

Gustavo and Bryan ate at Granary Square Brasserie, London N1.

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