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Another entertaining issue of the segment “Wheel of Musical” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This video is trending heavily right now with already over four million views on YouTube (after two days!).

“Jimmy challenges Alicia Keys to a game of random musical impressions like Gwen Stefani singing ‘Miss Mary Mack’ and Adele singing ‘The Alphabet Song’.”

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The acclaim for acts like not wearing makeup or eating pizza in public (while being female!) is as controlling as the rules they are supposed to undermine. Its an insult to equality

Striking blows for gender equality used to be an intimidating undertaking: youd really have to pull out something major. Hunger strikes, dying after being felled by a horse at the Derby, skinned alive with oyster shells its understandable why most would decide: You know what, I wont. Other options not involving death were going undercover as a Playboy Bunny, taking part in violent protests, or being imprisoned for refusing to keep quiet about injustice.

These days? Almost anything can be claimed as a feminist act, and frequently is. Hell, Ive already completed three Acts of Feminism today (going by current standards of measurement) and that was before breakfast.

And you can do it too! Heres how to gauge whether what youre doing is feminist and important, or not. Ask yourself: have a wave of media commentators gushed over Lena Dunham, Alicia Keys or Cara Delevingne doing it recently? And have many people got very aggravated about it at the same time? They have?! Then it follows that you are likewise a disrupter of societal mores, empowering women every day up there with bell hooks and Ada Lovelace. Future generations of feminists will thank you for your sacrifices, and your bravery.

Were told ad nauseam that Dunham is a feminist icon because she wrote a show that has female leads and sex in it. Even more important than that: sometimes she takes her clothes off while simultaneously being chubby. The world is amazed and also very angry every time she does this. For those who call her a role model, the novelty of these acts has even overshadowed racist tweets, and uncomfortably racist essays about her time in Japan. Wow, shes so fat and naked right now, many gasp with wonderment.

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Los Angeles (CNN)As The Olympics comes to a close on NBC, the network will tease the start of another great competition: “The Voice” Season 11.

Judging by a sneak peek at the new season, which features first-time coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, it’s going to be eventful.
    CNN was given an early look at a half-hour season preview of “The Voice” set to air after the Olympic closing ceremony on Sunday, and here’s what you should know.

    Cyrus and Keys come out swinging

    The newest additions to the spinning chairs waste no time making themselves at home. It’s clear from the start that Cyrus and Keys are on a quest to build the strongest teams they can — even if it means they go toe-to-toe with veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.
    In the sneak peek, each of the new coaches take different approaches to wooing potential team members, and at times, Levine and Shelton find it hard to compete.
    Cyrus plays up her off-beat, youthful energy. At one point, she tells a contestant who wore her grandmother’s vintage vest to the audition that they share “grandma power.”
    Keys, meanwhile, goes for a warm, personal approach that none of the other three could possibly duplicate.

    Keys might be the one to beat

    Speaking of Keys, early indicators are she’s going to be the most calculated and deliberate coach during auditions this season. She doesn’t seem like the type who will be turning chair around for just any good singer.
    Her strategy appears to be seeking out singers who she feels a connection to. One person who ends up on her team calls Keys “honest and real,” and that sums up what Keys’ approach to mentoring will probably be as well.
    As an artist that puts a lot of stock in authenticity, Keys seems to be on the lookout for artists with strong points of view that she can take to a new level.
    In other words, the other coaches should be on high alert for this savvy coach.

    Levine and Shelton have fun picking on Cyrus — but she fights back

    Even though the bromance of Levine and Shelton is out in full force once again this season, Cyrus’ addition promises to only add more fuel to the fire.
    Like when she guested as a mentor on the show last season, Shelton has a lot of fun poking fun at the younger singer’s eccentric style and her gift for gabbing. (“When do you breathe?” he joked at one point.) But she doesn’t take it lying down.
    At one point, Cyrus pointed out to a contestant that unlike her fellow coaches, the “internet actually existed” when she was coming up in the music world. (Levine laughed the comment off, saying, “We weren’t born in the ’30s.”)

    Most importantly, there’s perfect harmony

    New dynamics are tough to test out, but the first look at the new season feels less like a timid step into the future and more like a leap into a new era for “The Voice.”
    Cyrus and Keys make sure their musicianship shines brighter than everything else. (They even do an impromptu duet with a contestant and have a fun performance with Shelton and Levine.) And that could make for a pretty harmonious season.
    Season 11 of “The Voice” premieres September 19.

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