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There’s no perfect job. Every single occupation, no matter how fascinating, glamorous or well-paying, has certain downsides. But sometimes, that downside is rather unexpected — humor!

Whatever job you might have, you’re bound to have heard at least one incredibly bad dad joke related to your occupation. Maybe the first time you heard one of these jokes, you actually rolled on the floor laughing. The second time, you laughed out loud but no more than that. The third time, you chuckled. The fourth time, you smiled. But after hearing the same joke for the fifth time, all the joy and wonder was most likely gone from you by that point. And the same jokes just keep on coming.

So here is a list of the best silly jokes that people in different professions are absolutely sick of hearing. Upvotes your faves, share with your friends, and keep on scrolling. Oh, and we’d be delighted to know if you’ve heard any corny, cheesy or dad-like jokes related to your job — so share your experience with everyone somewhere in the comments!


I recently went through US Customs and the officer asked me the standard “do you have cash more than $10,000 on you?” question.

I responded: “I wish! HURHURHUR”

Her response: “If I had a penny for everyone who cracked that joke in front of me, I’d have the $10,000 by now”

…I totally deserved that.


Mail carrier here. “You can keep the bills !” hur hur hur


Selling lottery tickets. Im like what numbers would you like? Everyone be like “the winning ones”.


Bored Panda talked to HaiKarateAquaVelva, who asked Redditors worldwide for their annoying job joke stories. Their thread was so popular, it got over 69,200 upvotes and more than 26,600 comments in just over a day.

“I made the post because at my job, I regularly get a lot of the same types of comments over and over from folks who surely think they’re being witty, funny, original, and oh-so-clever… not!”

“This is all harmless of course, and I don’t mind it one bit. Even after hearing the same couple jokes/comments for the 823rd time. I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing more times than I can remember, I’m sure,” HaiKarateAquaVelva noted.

“But I figured there are other job positions that get the same kinda deal. Since my job is a bit unconventional and probably wouldn’t resonate with a lot of people if I cited my own experiences, I chose to go with another, more relatable profession, thus the “It didn’t scan…” scenario.”

HaikarateAquaVelva, who mentioned that they are a Bored Panda fan, said that they didn’t expect their thread would get so much attention: “But the post I made came from nothing more than a fleeting thought, and I never expected such attention from what was only a whimsical curiosity. It was cool to read through so many responses and having a laugh or two.”


Cake decorator here- people would come pick up their orders and jokingly tell me I spelled the name on the cake incorrectly. They would watch me get upset with myself and offer to fix it, then tell me they were just kidding.


I’m a veterinarian. Some clients do actually say “if you really loved animals, you’ll treat them for free right?”


I’m obligated to ask those visiting my work place if they have any weapons to declare.

“Just these guns!” flex

Since starting my job as a writer at Bored Panda, I’ve heard variations of three dad jokes related to my occupation. People tend to ask me if I write about pandas all day. Furthermore, they ask me if I’m bored at my job. And lastly, they wonder if we have any pet pandas at the office. The answers to those, in order, are: No, but I write about cats and dogs a lot; I’m having too much fun to be bored; and we don’t have any pandas (yet), but we’ve got doggos! In fact, there’s a huge dog right next to me at the time of writing, and it’s awesome.

Now, I actually enjoy hearing corny jokes like these. But I appreciate that people working different jobs eventually run out of patience. Like customs workers who keep on hearing ‘I wish’ when they ask people if they have more than 10,000 dollars cash on them. Or repairmen who hear ‘do I get a new one’ when they can’t fix a small problem on a client’s computer. And we can’t forget about nurses who take your blood and are absolutely exasperated after being called a ‘vampire’ for the thousandth time.


the lady that draws my blood said that she was tired of people calling her a “Vampire”


I work in a call center. I have to ask “was there anything else I could help you with” at the end of the call.

-“Yes bring me a coffee with that”

-“make the sun shine again”

-“got the winning lottery numbers?”

-“yeah. What’s your number you have a sexy voice”

I just ignore them now and wish them a good day


“Giving out any free samples today?”

Sir, if I did that, it’s a bank robbery.

Humor is one of the best things in the entire world because it helps us relax, increases our lifespan, helps us bond with other people, allows us to see the world in a different light, and helps us stop taking both ourselves and life far too seriously.


“I just want a BLACK. COFFEE. None of this crap-u-she-no chocolate unicorn frap-aye glitter [crap]. Just a medium black COFFEE. I don’t care what size you call it but whatever’s MEDIUM I want THAT” Like ok u could also try “medium black coffee please”…


As a church musician, I’ve heard things like:

“How does it feel to have the largest organ in town?”


I’m in the military. “Thank you for my freedom.” While I appreciate the sentiment, I guarantee I have done literally nothing to protect your freedom. You do that all by yourself by voting.

If you want to thank me for your safety, I’ll accept that. Safety and freedom are not the same thing.

However, humor in modern times is no longer free from intense scrutiny, as some individuals believe that the freedom of expression doesn’t extend to stand-up comedy, for fear of somebody being insulted. Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Burr are examples of legendary comedians who have spent their entire lives poking fun at society, injustice, and hypocrisy, wherever these might be found. And yet, they have received a large amount of criticism for some of the jokes they made recently because they drew attention to some uncomfortable details about living in the 21st century. Whether you enjoy these comedians or think that their humor is crass, wouldn’t you say that the freedom to express your thoughts on stage is important to protect?


“So, what’s the matter with you?”

“You tell me, you’re the doctor!”


I do commissions.

“Can you draw a headshot of my dog in color”

“Yeah sure it’ll be 6$ (I do really cheap commissions because it’s my hobby)”

“Oh you want me to pay!? I thought you liked to draw?”

“I do like to draw but it’s no different than buying a cake from a bakery, the shop owner likes to bake but the materials cost them money and we’d like to get some of that money back”

“Ugh never mind I don’t want to pay to get a drawing of my dog” It’s happened at least 6 times in the two years I’ve been doing this


As a cop, I’d say the most common one I get is: I didn’t do it man!

Bro chill, I’m just trying to buy a red bull and some donuts..

Stand-up comedy on stage is one thing, but offensive jokes at the office can be a big no-no, depending on company rules. If you’re ever in a situation where a colleague tells a completely inappropriate joke, then there are several things that you can do.


I’m in ultrasound. We do a hell of a lot more than just scanning pregnant people, but we get a lot of people who ask, “Is it a boy or a girl? HAHAHA” during abdominal and vascular studies.


I work in IT. Any time something breaks on the computer it’s

“Hehe, oh no, guess I have to go home!”

Every. Single. Time.


Vet tech here. Whenever I take a patient’s temperature:

“Aren’t you going to at least buy her dinner first?”

According to Small Business, you can ask your co-worker to explain the joke to you, so that they understand why it might be inappropriate. Then, if your colleague doesn’t get it, straight-up tell them in a calm, collected manner that you think what they said was offensive. You can also refuse to laugh at similar jokes.


Not a profession, but it kind of relates to this.When people who don’t need glasses ask to try out my glasses and ask how I can see with them.


Well my child is only failing Because you are a bad teacher. Not Because he refuses to study and does not pay attention in school


Pizza delivery. If you happen to pass by anyone else at all on your way to the customer, they will say “You can just leave that right here ha ha ha.”

As a last resort, if your co-worker keeps on throwing out incredibly offensive jokes left and right, consider reporting them to human resources or to a manager. Just make sure you’re not reporting someone for an innocent dad joke that you’ve heard a hundred times before.


I’m a psychologist, not a mind reader. You can relax when you talk to me when I’m off duty : I don’t want to figure you out. Quite frankly I don’t care. You do have a problem with your mother tough.


Administrative worker here, not from customers, but from literally anyone that doesn’t work in an office, “so you get paid to do nothing? ‘


Synthetic chemist. “can you make me drugs?” or other Breaking Bad related comments.

And yes. Yes I can. But I wont.


I work in an office, and the boss often leaves me in charge if he’s away. I have one co-worker who, every time I’m covering, will arrive in the morning and say “Hi boss! Since you’re in charge— can we all go home now? Hurr hurr”

That, and “are you working hard? Or hardly working?”


Travel Money Bureau.

every time im checking if some notes are legit or not, its “they should be fine I printed them this morning”

har de har har


I work in the meteo (not a scientist, just an IT guy) and as soon as people know this, it’s all “Hey can you fix me some good weather for the bbq this weekend?”


I work in IT. “Should I just… tUrN iT oFf AnD oN aGaIn?!”. Yes, yes you should.


So you can give me the good stuff eh? Wink wink nudge nudge eh?

Im a nurse not a cocaine dealer, also yes.


Web developer. “Come on, [deceptively complicated change that looks simple] shouldn’t take you so long!” B**ch. You are not a web developer. You have no idea how long writing code takes. You don’t get to tell me how long it should take. Only I get to do that. Also, just because something looks simple doesn’t mean it won’t take hours to implement.


I serve banquets. I’ve had many middle aged men say the same exact joke to me when serving their Cream of Chicken with Wild Rice “How do you tame wild rice?” I usually play along but the last time it happened I told him the answer and he was [frikkin] bewildered.


Groomer. “I brush him everyday!” The dog is matted from chest through back legs, and behind ears and tail.


“Just do this one thing [for a new/prospective client]. It will lead to more work.”

How ’bout just pay me for this one thing and we’ll talk about future work too. This is not a hobby.


In IT; No, you don’t get a new phone/laptop/iPad if you throw it out the window / run it over, etc. You get fired you psycho.


I’m a researcher working for the Government of Canada. Them: “Hey, did you know my tax dollars pay your salary?” Me: eye roll.


Policeman here. The old,”He/she is here, i’ve got him, he’s the one you’ve been looking for”, as they grip their relative/friend/nearest person to them and look at you manically….


I work in the Deaf community and people always see the name of the charity I work for and say “Pardon?” then laugh like they’re the funniest person in the world. Little bit of my soul dies every frickin’ time


When I worked at a ski shop setting up snowboard rentals I’d ask how they wanted their stance, regular or goofy, so I could set the bindings up. At least 3 times a week, for the 6 months a year we did rentals, for the 4 years I worked there, I heard from dads “well he rides regular, but he’s pretty goofy hahaha.” By the end of my time there I never even bothered with a fake chuckle anymore, I just didn’t have it in me.


“So you can make my photo look great and not look like I was running in a poorly-lit hallway using a crummy camera?”

Graphic Design (user of Photoshop). I can create some nice stuff, but what I can’t do is turn back time and make you take an good photo.


I work with a lot of graphic designers. It’s not that I want the logo bigger, it’s the two idiots above me making me insist upon it.

I am so sorry.


I worked at a branch campus library for my alma mater: “What do you mean you haven’t read this book to tell me what it’s about? What do you even do it here all day?” Not read obscure textbooks about topics I’m not required to study, that’s for sure.

When I worked at a winery: “This must be the best job in the world! (read: you get to sit and drink wine all day)” Yeah because I’m totally allowed to guzzle half the stock while I’m on duty. /s

When I worked as housekeeping in a hospital: “Can you come do that at my house?” I don’t even do this at my house, so no.

When I worked for the post office: “You can keep the bills!”/”Bring me anything good today?”/”Is there a check for a million dollars in there?” No thanks./I don’t know, I didn’t open it./How tf should I know that?

And my husband the teacher gets a lot of “Summers off must be nice, huh?” or “Must be nice to only have to work nine months out of the year, right?”


Receptionist here. I previously answered calls with, “Company Name, how may I help you?” and 50% of the time (or so it felt like) the response I’d get was, “Well, I don’t know how YOU can help me”. I switched it up to “how may I assist/direct you” but I still get the ol’ “Well, I don’t know…”

It’s not cute. Just tell why the eff you’re calling so we can both move on with our days!


I’m a singer! I went to college for music and have been doing it professionally for sometime now.

I usually get, “Omg my granddaughter’s cousin’s niece is a singer! You guys should meet up!” Or, “sing something for us!!” And then if I don’t feel up to it they say “how can you be a singer if you don’t want to sing in front of people?” I love it 🙃


Bike (bicycle) messenger. ‘You’re on a bike ? This should be delivered before next week, hurr hurr’.

Also every year during the Tour De France : “You’re lost buddy ?” All f*cking day long.

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I used to be in the beer industry (selling to supermarkets) and I’d get “you can just load that pallet into my truck” every day.

Now I’m in the elevator industry and about once a week I get “I bet that has its ups and downs.”


Not a profession but: I’m a guy with long hair (to the middle of my back). I hear stuff like “Did your hairdresser die?” or “When are you gonna cut it off?” or any hAhA uR gRiL jokes all the time. It’s not funny guys and you’re not the first to come up with it.


Stocked shelves at a grocery store for a few months in college and some guy was angry because he had been in line for a few minutes and no one was there to ring him up. He found me and asked what was going on and I kindly told him I’d go grab a cashier to check him out and he goes, “No it’s fine, I can just leave with my stuff. I mean, I don’t have to pay if no ones gonna wait on me,” or something like that. I laughed sarcastically with a deadpan face and told a cashier there were customers waiting.

They didn’t pay me enough to stop him if he tried.


“So can you come look at my car?” -Mechanical Engineer.

I know nothing about cars.


I work in the music scene making beats and tracks for rap artists

Everyone always asks “Can I sample this track?” or “Use it for one of my songs?” and they say “imagine the exposure it will get you.”


Ultrasound tech. Male patients: am I pregnant HAHAHA


As a nurse, almost any time I give anything remotely close to a painkiller/sedative to patient, the family says something along the lines of “CAN I haVE One tOo HyUcK HYUCK HYucK”


I work in a nursing home and sometimes we have a resident that is constantly trying to leave and go home, because they don’t remember that they live there. The on going joke is someone asking, “Can’t we just tie them to a chair?” (No, we cant. Just for those of you who actually think that’s an option.)


I worked at a bank for 4 years. The amount of idiots that go “gimme all your money. Just kidding I’m not here to rob you.” Or “I guess all this cash makes it look like I sell drugs. I don’t though!” is staggering. And in the future, if anyone wants to make the second joke just know that they usually end up having to flag your account to check for money laundering activities so hopefully you aren’t actually selling drugs.

Edit: I also just want to add how many people would come in on Halloween and be pissed and shocked that we would have the audacity to ask them not to wear masks. That being said it was a hunting town so people constantly came in with knives and for some reason we were ok with that.

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“Who is walking who?” – whenever I am taking a big dog to the back… hur hur


I work at a car dealership. I’ll get customers come inside upon finding the keys accidentally left in a vehicle. They almost always say, “Found your keys out there, you know I could have just driven away.”

It’s like they want a reward for not stealing our vehicle.


I work in a pre-school. Multiple times a week parents say “I don’t know how you guys do it!” Referring to taking care of multiple toddlers all day. It’s always the parents who leave their toddlers with us for 9-11 hours who say this.


Dairy farmer: brown cows give chocolate milk. I milk brown cows. They don’t give chocolate milk.


I work for a major spirit company and at least once everyday the pubs I’m calling on will say “got any free bottles?” and then when I say “no, unfortunately not” in the nicest possible way, they will make the rest of the call really sh**ty.


“Oh you’re a mechanical engineer? You must know a lot about cars.”


My medium rare steak has blood in it. I’ll take that for free please


And this is our accounting department. “Lol, put some extra money in my check, lololololololol.”


At Starbucks, we have categories and buttons for all the drinks.

When we get a new drink, there is a new button but no one tells us where the button is. It is either in with normal lattes or frappuccinos or it’s under the seasonal category on the opposite side of the screen.

So when a customer orders a new or special drink, we go on a wild goose chase for the button that seems to not exist. The customers will say “Oh you can’t find it? How about you make it and just let me take it.” My boss just tells us to ring them up for a basic drink and make the special one until the button is added.

The button is never added

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I don’t have one like that exactly…

What I get a lot of is: “Wow, that’s like… professional!” Which is a massively backhanded compliment. I’m a fabricator. Professionally.


video production

can you make (photoshop) me look thinner?


Paramedic: After we’ve dropped a patient off (think interfacility transfer) and heading back to the elevator with an empty stretcher, someone always asks, “hey, can I get a ride to my car?” I usually reply: “Sure, $300, cash up front, but if you want me to clean it first, $500, oh, and you probably want me to clean it.” When we’re washing the rig at the end of shift, people actually ask what we charge to do their vehicle. Har dee [frikkin] har. Also, my contract fee for automotive washing is $100/hr, minimum 1hr charge. A totally had one guy tell me to learn to take a joke for that! “Nice park job, assh*le!” Hmmm, big white truck, blinky lights, I wonder if you call the local constabulary to report me, what ever will they do? Hmmm, rough night shift, feeling salty and drinking, maybe number 3 doesn’t apply?


Work in cardiac ultrasound imaging.

“Can you tell my wife out there i actually have one?”

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“So is it working?”

Legit. Hur hur hur


Worked in the casino guest rewards, you sign up you get perks of some sort ours was a small amount of pts. to use towards slots then changed to some stuffed animal…(I know, we’ve all hated that idea) but if we’re ran out or the system was acting weird it was, “well guess you gotta give me X amount of money” … the other one after asking, is there anything I can help you with…”yeah point me to the winning machine” followed by the fakest laugh of my life.


Waiter here.

“Can I get you guys anything else?”

“Yeah, a boatload of cash!”, or alternatively, “A wheelbarrow”


Stripper here. Our version is definitely:

“How about I give YOU a lapdance!”


As a Recruitment Consultant: “Haha so you just do your magic and find a job for me! Bye!”


Paramedic here, I ALWAYS get the old ladies saying “oh! My taxi!” Or “You coming back for me later?”

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Also well known in the beer industry:

“It’s the [insert color] truck out front. HURHURHHR.”

“It’s free today right. HURHURHUR.”

“It’s buy one get 29 free right? HURHURHUR.”

“Man this job must be awesome…getting to sample all this beer. HURHURHUR.”

“Oh he’s paying for mine too. HURHURHUR.” (This one is good because it usually gets the unknowing customer before this and sometimes after this guy to respond with one of the before mentioned jokes)


Seriously—people thinking working with beer is awesome. It is. But it isn’t.


I work in IT. “Have you tried turning it off and on again? ” never gets old.


I work in IT, when something doesn’t load for people, they love asking “is it the server?”. Yes it’s the server….all 50 of them…


IT. “Can you hack my


Landscaping – “hur hur do you want to come do mine (beds/lawn/etc) next? Hur hur”



Oh lord, the vampires here, let me call you back

I have terrible veins! They roll; they’re deep, and you have to use a butterfly!

Well damn, how many tubes you need?

I ain’t gonna have one more drop of blood by the time I get outta here

What they testing me for this time? A what? Like I know what that is.


If I can’t fix a random-ass problem on someone’s PC, I get “so do i get a new one hurr hurr” so often it hurts.


“there was a typo on the quiz, so that question doesn’t count” or “I was absent that day, so I don’t have to do that assignment”


Photographer. Please make me look thin.
[helps them pose instead]

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Read more:

Common sense is not so common, Voltaire once wrote. There is always that one person in class who sneezes without covering their mouth. Or the person who takes up two seats on the train just because they like to sit with their legs spread out. As much as we’d like to live in a considerate world, there will always be people who lack common sense or mindfulness in the most common situations.

Here are thirty simple reminders of what to do and not to do when you’re in a public space. If you think of yourself as a decent human being, most of these probably will be a no-brainer for you. And don’t forget to share your worst (or best) experiences with people who lacked common sense in the comments!

#1 Not Using Turning Signals

When did it become normal for people to ignore the most basic rules of driving?

#2 Not Letting People Get Out Of Busses And Elevators Before Entering

It makes a lot more sense than you trying to push yourself into the crowd who’s trying to get out anyway. Just stand aside, let people out, and then get in.

#3 Listening To Music Without Headphones

You think your music taste is great? Perfect, go study music, become a DJ or a producer, but please don’t shove your music taste onto other people who would rather listen to silence then the latest remix of DJ Khaled’s new song while sitting on a bus on their way to home.

#4 Being Rude To Your Server

Imagine working 12 hour shifts, always on your feet, tired as hell, and then dealing with the most annoying and rude customers? Yeah, don’t be that person who thinks waitresses have to deal with your terrible attitude. They’re just here to do their job and leave, don’t make it harder than it is.

#5 Standing On The Left Side And Blocking The Way

This one will definitely make your blood boil. Every country is different, but usually you walk on the left and you stand on the right, it’s that simple.

#6 Not Putting Your Stuff Back On The Proper Shelves In Grocery Stores

Just because you decided you don’t need that item anymore doesn’t mean somebody else should have to put it back to its place. Your ignorance creates extra work for the already busy grocery store employees so put the stuff back from where you took it.

#7 Leaving A Mess After Yourself

No matter if it’s your office, public bathroom or a clothing store, leaving your things all over the place is just rude. You’re not entitled to having people picking up your things after you.

#8 Swiping Right When Someone Hands You Their Phone To Show A Picture

They only wanted to show you one picture, you do not have the right to scroll through their photos and check what they have on their phone. Imagine how awkward it would be if you would stumble on something very private?

#9 Texting While Driving

Just don’t do this one. Don’t. You’re risking yours and someone else’s life for a text, it’s not worth it, and no matter what you’re typing, it will never be as important as being safe at the road.

#10 Putting Your Feet All Over Somebody Else’s Space On Planes And Trains

Feet are already a sensitive topic to many people, nobody enjoys seeing or smelling somebody else’s feet (unless you’re into that stuff). But taking your shoes off and putting your feet near people sitting next to you is just rude and disgusting.

Nobody wants to touch your hands after you used the toilet, and it’s even worse since nobody is ever sure who washed their hands and who didn’t. Be kind to others and stop sharing you bacteria.

#12 Not Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Picking up poop and throwing it away takes way less time than stepping in it and cleaning it up, not to mention getting rid of the smell. So, if you want a dog, understand that it comes with a poop that you’ll have to pick up.

#13 Having A Cart Full Of Groceries In The Express Lane

It might be quicker for you but it ruins the whole point of the ‘express lane’. And don’t act so surprised if the cashier refuses to scan your stuff.

#14 Throwing Something Into A Trash Bin, Missing It, And Not Picking It Up

Struggling with your aim? Then maybe just try walking to the trash bin? Who would have thought that it’s that simple? Groundbreaking.

#15 Not Dimming Your Car’s Front Lights While Driving Past Someone In The Dark

Headlight flashing is a popular way to send another driver a message. But always remember that your lights can be blinding other people and distracting them from the road, so please make sure that your lights are not too bright. The rule is simple, if you can see the driver – you’re too late.

#16 Leaving Carts All Over The Parking Lot

How many times have you needed to park your car, thought you saw a free space, but when you drove closer saw it was occupied by a bunch of grocery store carts? There are special places to leave them, and they are always near the parking lot, please, put them where they are supposed to be.

#17 Parking In Disabled Parking Spots

Oh come on, this one is just plain illegal. There’s always a free parking space somewhere, always, just try harder to find one.

#18 Having Your Stuff All Over The Place In Public Places

Everybody has heard about manspreading, but have you ever heard about ‘Shebaggingâ€, it’s when you put your stuff all over the place, especially in public transportation, blocking the available seat next to you and leaving others standing. If you ever catch yourself doing so, try putting your stuff on your legs and offering the seat to another passenger.

#19 Standing Too Close To Someone

If you’re waiting in a line, please try your best not to breathe into someone else’s neck. This accidental intimacy is uncalled for and always unwanted. Try to be mindful, there’s a reason the term “safe space†exists.

#20 Snapping Fingers At A Server

Just don’t. It’s rude, obnoxious and degrading.

Don’t be a demon, when you finish a toilet paper roll replace it with a new one. Imagine a situation were you just finished doing your business and there’s no toilet paper, sucks, right? Well, don’t put somebody else in this tragic situation.

#22 Not Covering Your Mouth While Coughing

According to Live Science, one cough can release as much as 3,000 droplets of saliva, and they can fly as fast as 50 miles per hour. And sneezing can force as much as 40,000 droplets of saliva. Is there anything else we need to say to prove our point? Covering your mouth is not an option but an absolute must.

#23 Manspreading

This one is rather simple – close. your. legs.

#24 Checking Your Phone In The Middle Of A Conversation

Unless it’s actually urgent, please do not check your phone in the middle of a conversation with someone. It seems like you’re bored, and you make other people feel uncomfortable. Also, it’s one thing to quickly check the time and another when you just keep scrolling.

#25 Using Words Like ‘Gay’, ‘Retarded’ And ‘Autistic’ As An Insult

Saying ‘it’s so gay’ is sooo last year. And even if you think it’s only a joke, and it’s not offending anyone, it still has a bad connotation to it.

#26 Not Keeping A Safe Distance From Other Cars On The Road

It’s a well-known fact that driving too close to someone is not safe, and no matter what you’re trying to prove, it’s in poor taste to harass somebody by driving as close as of couple of meters from their car. A safe distance between two vehicles is at least 2 seconds behind.

#27 Not Leaving Someone’s House When They Say They Are Tired And Have To Get To Work Early In The Morning

It takes a lot of energy to invite people over and plan the entire evening. So when people are starting to leave, you should understand that the lovely evening is coming to an end. And if you hear someone say ‘I’m really tired’ or ‘I have to go to work early in the morning’, it’s also a sign that you should call a taxi and head…

It takes a lot of energy to invite people over and plan the entire evening. So when people are starting to leave, you should understand that the lovely evening is coming to an end. And if you hear someone say ‘I’m really tired’ or ‘I have to go to work early in the morning’, it’s also a sign that you should call a taxi and head home.

#28 Eating With Your Mouth Open

We try not to be too snobby here, but seeing someone chew with their mouth open is something others might not enjoy witnessing. We get it, it’s hard to control yourself sometimes, but just try to be as self- aware as possible. Also, if somebody is eating with their mouth open, here’s how you can politely tell them to stop.

#29 Blocking Pedestrian Crossings With Your Car

If you’re in a car, you’re not a pedestrian, so anything that is strictly dedicated to pedestrians is something you shouldn’t be driving on, especially sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Is this so hard to understand??

#30 Rambling On And On To A Person Who Is Obviously Busy

Your assignment is due tomorrow, you’re already doing five things at once, and your boss keeps messaging you asking to do something that’s not even your responsibility. And then Karen walks in, asks how your day’s going, and then talks about her weekend, and then she shares a story about how her dog seems to have diarrhea. She keeps talking and talking, and no matter how…

Your assignment is due tomorrow, you’re already doing five things at once, and your boss keeps messaging you asking to do something that’s not even your responsibility. And then Karen walks in, asks how your day’s going, and then talks about her weekend, and then she shares a story about how her dog seems to have diarrhea. She keeps talking and talking, and no matter how many times you say ‘I should really get back to work’, she seems to not understand it. Annoying, right? Yeah, thought so.

We get it, you’re busy, you didn’t have time to eat and you’re just too hungry to wait until you get back home and fill your tummy. But please, be considerate of others and avoid eating stinky food like tuna sandwiches in public, especially buses or trains, where nobody can escape the smell.

#32 Not Taking Care Of Your Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene isn’t something people should need to be reminded about. Don’t forget to think about others when thinking about skipping a shower or two.

#33 Talking Loudly In Public Areas

Yes, it’s cool you have friends to talk to, and it’s even cooler that the topic is so riveting that now you’re all hyped up. But please, make sure your voice isn’t louder than your surroundings, not everybody wants to hear what happened to you last night.

#34 Sitting Close To Someone On An Empty Bus

This one is just creepy. Why would you choose to invade someone else’s private space when there are plenty of free seats on the bus?

#35 Talking To Someone With Headphones On

If you see a person with their headphones on, it usually means ‘I am not in the mood to talk’, especially if it’s a stranger. It’s one thing to ask them a question, but to continue disturbing them is something that will make them hate you. Just let them listen to their music.

#36 Talking On Your Phone When You’re First In The Line

If you’re in line to order a drink or anything else, please be aware that nobody wants to wait for you to finish your conversation to order. Just known what you want, say it and don’t make the barista wait for you to tell your mom what you ate yesterday.

#37 Reading Over Someone Else’s Shoulder

Ok, this one is a bit more subtle. Many of us check what people next to us are reading on the bus, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re being discrete. But obnoxiously reading someone’s private texts over their shoulder is a big social no no. Oh, and remember you can always feel if somebody is creeping on you behind your back.

#38 Petting And/Or Feeding Stranger Dogs

Always always ask the owner if you can pet or feed their pet. You never know if the pet is friendly and feeding them can even cause an allergic reaction.

And remember, the owner knows best, so if he says ‘no’ do not try petting their animal behind their back.

#39 Using Both Armrests

Long train ride? Flight? Want to rest? Well, why not try thinking about your neighbor and leaving one armrest for him? Afterall, sharing is caring.

And according to a manner coach Adeodata Czink, “if you’re sitting in a window or aisle seat, the middle seat passenger gets to put his arms down first. If there’s room left over, great….

Long train ride? Flight? Want to rest? Well, why not try thinking about your neighbor and leaving one armrest for him? Afterall, sharing is caring.

And according to a manner coach Adeodata Czink, “if you’re sitting in a window or aisle seat, the middle seat passenger gets to put his arms down first. If there’s room left over, great. If not, it belongs to the middle seat passenger. And one more thing, try to be nice about it.â€

#40 Walking Too Slowly On A Busy Street

If it’s a busy area where people are in a hurry to get to school or work, please don’t be the person who just walks like they’re in a park and disturbs everyone from getting to their destinations on time.

When it comes to bars, there is an entire section of unwritten rules people usually follow to avoid uncomfortable situations or piss off other patrons, and one of them is to wait patiently for your turn to order. According to Good Cocktails, “When the bartender is busy, don’t try to cut in by yelling, “I just want a water!” Why should the bartender stop serving the paying customers in order…

When it comes to bars, there is an entire section of unwritten rules people usually follow to avoid uncomfortable situations or piss off other patrons, and one of them is to wait patiently for your turn to order. According to Good Cocktails, “When the bartender is busy, don’t try to cut in by yelling, “I just want a water!” Why should the bartender stop serving the paying customers in order to serve a person that only wants a free glass of water.†But when you about it, why should the bartender stop serving a customer just to take your order even if you’re paying?

#42 Pretending To Not See An Old Or Pregnant Person

We get it, it happens, you’re tired, you kinda don’t see the pregnant lady standing next to you but you really do, and in your head, you know damn well you should get your butt off the seat and offer it to someone who is literally carrying another human being inside of her.

#43 Peeing Close To Someone In The Urinal

Nobody wants to pee standing close to someone else. If you’re not sure you know all of the unwritten rules about peeing in the urinals, make sure you take this test.

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