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Undocumented immigrants with any type of criminal charges, such as Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garca, are now a priority for deportation under Trumps order

Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garca planned to celebrate his sons 17th birthday on Thursday. But first, he had to go in for a meeting around 9am with immigration officials in Phoenix for what he believed was to discuss his request for asylum.

He walked in. An hour later, they brought me a bag with his stuff and that was it, said Yennifer Sanchez, Fomperosa Garcas 23-year-old daughter.

The single father of three US citizens, who entered the country 20 years ago, was detained after meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, but never came out, his daughter said, adding that she thought he was safe because he had a work permit.

By Friday morning, Fomperosa Garca had called his children to let them know he had been deported to Mexico.

Now, Sanchez has become the sole guardian of her 17-year-old brother and 14-year-old sister. She said she plans to continue working as a caregiver and, with the moral support of her father, care for her siblings.

They are going to keep going to school, Sanchez said of her siblings. Im going to work. Were going to try to get through this.

To help the family financially, a local organization started fundraising money online. They raised more than $1,300 in less than three hours.

Ayensa Millan, a Phoenix-based immigration attorney who was contacted by Fomperosa Garcas family on Thursday, said she wasnt sure why Fomperosa Garca had the check-in with Ice officials. She said his asylum request had already been denied so there was no reason for them to interview him for an asylum claim.

It sounds to me like they literally just called him to remove him because of his prior removal order, Millan said.

In a statement, Ice confirmed Fomperosa Garca had been deported and that he had been previously repatriated to Mexico three times, including a formal deportation in 2014. Last year, he was again ordered removed by an immigration judge and in 2015 was convicted of a federal misdemeanor charge, according to Ice.

Ice will continue to focus on identifying and removing individuals with criminal convictions who have final orders of removal issued by the nations immigration courts, the statement said.

Fomperosa Garcas deportation comes a few weeks after the deportation of Guadalupe Garca de Rayos, a mother of two US citizens who lived in Arizona for more than two decades. She was also deported after she went in for a check-in with Ice.

But under a new executive order that Donald Trump signed on 25 January, Garca de Rayos became a priority for deportation. The order states that undocumented immigrants should be deported if they have been charged with any criminal offense. The president said the order was needed to ensure the public safety of the American people.

Millan said her advice to undocumented immigrants, especially those with no serious criminal records, is to not be fearful and to pay close attention to whats going on. She noted that most undocumented immigrants whove been deported recently had prior orders of removal or had already been found by an immigration judge to not have strong enough merits to be granted a stay in the US.

For undocumented immigrants whove become a priority for deportation under Trumps new executive order and have pending check-ins with Ice, Millan said she advises them to be prepared and get an immigration attorney. Another option is to seek sanctuary at a church.

I always leave it up my clients discretion and tell them these are the immigration consequences, Millan said. I tell them, If you are going to stay there and go for the long haul, by all means, do it. But its up to them because, when people go into sanctuary places, you never know how long theyre going to be there.

With tears in her eyes, Sanchez said on Friday that her father was nothing like the type of people Trump alludes to when he talks about deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

When you image people breaking the law, you imagine a scary person, she said. You imagine someone who doesnt care for anyone else. When I hear those words being said about my dad and seeing what type of person he is, it hurts. Criminal would never be a way that I would describe my father.

Instead, Sanchez said she would use words like goofball and caring to describe her father, adding that he liked to watch movies, listen to zumba music, dance and make people laugh.

I know that if he was sitting right here right now, he would be making everyone crack up, she said.

  • This article was amended on 4 March 2017 to show Yennifer Sanchez is caring for her two siblings, not daughter and son as previously stated.

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Police are pleading for end to evil clowns, a Clown Lives Matter march was called off, and schools are banning clown costumes while some stores are sold out

Send in the clowns. Dont bother, theyre here, goes the Stephen Sondheim song.

And now hysteria over creepy clown sightings has been rising to fever pitch in America since August and is spreading internationally.

But the situation is so absurd that police departments are pleading with the attention-seekers to stop dressing up as evil clowns to scare people, while a woman organized a peace march that had been scheduled for Saturday night in support of clowns.

However it turned out that she herself wears some pretty scary clown make-up and had decided to call the event Clown Lives Matter.

When that crass echo of the protest movement over police killing unarmed black men triggered an avalanche of protest on social media and personal attacks against the organizer, who identifies herself on Facebook as Nikki Sinn, abruptly canceled the event. Sinn had at first declared herself amused.

Lol, literally being called homophobic and racist for using lives matter.Haha wooow, she posted on the social network, beneath a picture of herself grotesquely smiling with green hair and smudged eye make-up, seemingly as a version of Batmans lethal nemesis, Joker.

That was followed by a further post on Thursday after she had canceled the event, reportedly because of threats, saying: Kiss my ass…Ill march alone.

The Cirque du Soleil with their show Alegria in Cologne, Germany. Photograph: Ullstein Bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Professional clowns are decidedly unamused.

Its not appropriate, said Dick Milhollan, the last director of the former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, which was based in Florida and closed in 1997, and half of the veteran clown duo Slappy and Monday.

My livelihood could be affected by the latest bout of clown impersonators scaring people but thats nothing on the scale of the painful struggles being protested by Black Lives Matter, someone being shot or disliked because of the color of their skin, he told the Guardian.

Meanwhile, every amateur Bozo is going to come out and thats going to be what America sees, reinforcing the stereotype that being a clown is just about a big wig and face paint.

The term has been trending on social media and overall clown hysteria is refusing to go away.

Clown Lives Matter? Oh my God. I really dont know thats a good idea, said Lorenzo Pisoni, a dramatic actor who originally began performing as a clown when he was two years old , and has just completed a documentary, Circus Kid, about growing up in the ring.

The controversy even reached Ronald McDonald when McDonalds announced it was giving the clown mascot a break until the wave of hysteria passes.

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Police say July incident suggests shooter may still be on the hunt;citywide alert remains as law enforcement continues patrols

Police investigating nine nighttime drive-by shootings in Phoenix have confirmed they recovered bullet casings from at least three of the crime scenes and received detailed vehicle descriptions from witnesses.

The shootings, which occurred from mid-March to mid-July, are believed to be the work of a serial killer described by witnesses as a lanky man in his early 20s.

Investigators are leaving open the possibility that someone else may have participated in the attacks. Documents released last week showed that shell casings were found at each of the three crime scenes.

In all, seven people have been killed and two others wounded. Witnesses have described hearing anywhere between five and 10 shots, but no one has seen any of the bullets actually being fired.

Police had initially believed that the string of attacks had ended in mid-June when the assailant fatally shot two women and a 12-year-old girl in their driveway.

But police have since added a ninth shooting to the pattern an 11 July incident in which the gunman fired at a man and a four-year-old boy sitting in a car. Neither was struck.

But the addition of the new incident suggests the shooter, or shooters, were still active even after Phoenix law enforcement stepped up their efforts and issued a city wide alert.

Earlier this month, Phoenix Police sergeant Jonathan Howard warned: The threat is still alive.

We dont want to see anybody else get hurt. We want to make an arrest and stop this, he added. Were fortunate in this new incident that nobody was injured.

Based on witness statements to police, detectives believe the suspect has access to several cars: one appears to be a white Cadillac or Lincoln, another a late 90s brown Nissan, and a third may be an early 2000s black BMW. Police confirmed that theyve looked into whether the killer could have access to a used car lot.

In each incident, the victims have been attacked in the working-class Maryvale section of Phoenix, near their car or home and in the evening or very early morning hours.

The victims include a 16-year-old boy wounded while walking in the street at 11.30pm on 17 March; a 21-year-old male shot standing near his car on the street at 11.30pm a day later; 21-year-old Diego Verdugo-Sanchez, killed 1 April while visiting his pregnant fiances family; 55-year-old Krystal Annette White, found dead of a gunshot on 19 April; 32-year-old Horacio Pena, fatally shot 3 June after returning home from work; and 19-year-old Manuel Castro Garcia, murdered outside his home on 10 June.

In the final fatal incident, on 12 June, 33-year-old Stefanie Ellis, her 12-year-old daughter Maleah and Ellis 31-year-old friend, Angela Linner, were killed outside their home. In that incident, a witness told police she saw a man wearing a white shirt and red shorts as he stood beside a dark-colored sedan. A witness also told police that it wasnt unusual for the victims to sit in a parked car listening to music.

Investigators are checking whether neighbors have security camera and pursuing hundreds of leads, and have composed a sketch of teh suspect.

Police later found shell casings inside the victims vehicle, indicating the women were all shot at close range. Police also found nearly $3,000 cash inside the victims vehicle, indicating that robbery was not a motive. That same night, the killer targeted an empty pick-up truck.

This guy shot and killed a 12-year-old girl, Howard told local WRAL news. We hope someone elses conscience catches up with them.

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