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Oprahs Bank Account becomes Canadian rappers 208th US Hot 100 hit, beating the record set by the cast of Glee

Canadian rapper Drake now has more US chart hits than any other artist in history, scoring his 208th Billboard Hot 100 entry this week.

The rapper broke the record, previously set by the cast of the TV show Glee, with the track Oprahs Bank Account by Lil Yachty and DaBaby, which he guests on. It reached No 85 off the back of 10.5m streams. He is also at No 3 in the chart with Life Is Good, a track with Future, and at No 46 on Chris Browns song No Guidance.

With a cross-generational, cross-demographic appeal thanks to a blend of rap, pop and R&B, Drake has become the worlds top rapper. Spotify named him the most streamed artist of the last decade, with 28bn global streams.

His first US chart entry was Best I Ever Had, which debuted at No 92 in May 2009, eventually rising to No 2. His 207 chart placements since have been bulked out by frequent guest spots on tracks by artists including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott, as well as his solo hits. He has scored seven US No 1 singles, while all five of his studio albums and three of his mixtapes have reached No 1 on the US album chart.

Watch the video for Oprahs Bank Account

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Royal expert sounds alarm after Prince Harry seemingly duped into thinking he was talking to Greta Thunberg

Russian hoaxers who apparently tricked Prince Harry into offering help to take penguins to the North Pole have raised serious questions over security and screening measures for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they leave the royal fold, a royal expert said.

Posing as the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and her father, hoaxers Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov managed to reach Harry on his landline at his rented Vancouver Island mansion on New Years Eve and on 22 January, it has been reported.

The royal, seemingly duped into thinking he was talking to Thunberg and her father Svante, also criticised Donald Trump and spoke of a bullying tabloid media trying to sink him and wife Meghan.

A spokeswoman for the Sussexes declined to comment when asked if there was any doubt the voice was that of Harry.

A former press secretary to the Queen, Dickie Arbiter, claimed the fact that the hoaxers, known as Vovan and Lexus, had reached Harry exposed weaknesses in their personal security. As long as Harry and Meghan are over there, theyre out of the protection of the system, he said. For all its faults, the system does, and is there to, protect.

He said the hoaxers would not have been able to get through the Buckingham Palace switchboard. Theyre pretty vigilant, he said, adding: If youre outside the system, youre open to anything and everything.

The couple has a 15-strong team of staff based at Buckingham Palace, but they will be disbanded when the couple transition on 31 March, with some staff being made redundant and others redeployed in other royal households. No details about any staff in Canada have been made public.

Arbiter spoke as the Sun, which published excerpts of the conversations, reported more details of the hoax calls. Harry failed to spot he was being pranked when the fake Greta and her father said they had 50 penguins that were stuck in land-locked Belarus and they were after a ship to transport them to the north pole, even though the animals are native to the south pole.

When asked if he had any contacts to help, the duke is said to have suggested: Ive got one person who is a polar guide in the north pole he may be able to help you, he knows all the right people.

Greta also asked if Harry could help her marry into the royal family and suggested she was interested in Prince George, the Sun reported. It said Harry replied: I can assure you, marrying a prince or princess is not all its made up to be.

When the hoaxers suggested there were discussions in Russia that Harry could become head of a restored monarchy, he replied chuckling: Well there you go, maybe thats our new purpose: to be able to take over Russia.

The hoaxers joked about Harry smoking weed with hippies on Thunbergs eco-catamaran, and also of forming a celebrity movement called Stars Save the Earth with Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie.

During one call they tricked him into believing mining companies close to Trump were exploiting the fictional island of Chunga-Changa the name of a Russian childrens song.

The rights to the audio recordings had been transferred to British media, the hoaxers said as they confirmed the Suns report in response to a Guardian inquiry.

In the audio, a person, reportedly Harry, says of the decision to stand down as a senior royal: Sometimes the right decision isnt always the easy one. And this decision certainly wasnt the easy one, but it was the right decision for our family, the right decision to be able to protect my son. And I think theres a hell of a lot of people around the world that can identify and respect us for putting our family first.

On Trump, he says: I think the mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry so big in America, he has blood on his hands. He says he is confident things will change on the climate agenda within 10 years: But we cant wait five to 10 years, so I think if Donald Trump can become president of the United States of America, then anythings possible, right?

He continues: You forget, I was in the military for 10 years so Im more normal than my family would like to believe But certainly, being in a different position now gives us the ability to say things and do things that we might not have been able to do.

On Prince Andrew, who has stepped down from public duties over his friendship with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, he says: I have very little to say on that. But whatever he has done or hasnt done, is completely separate from me and my wife.

Harry speaks of Boris Johnson being a good man, and tells the person posing as Thunberg: So you are one of the few people who can reach into his soul and get him to feel and believe in you. But you have to understand that because he has been around for so long like all of these other people, they are already set in their ways.

In separate quotes, published by Mail Online, Harry reportedly says he has been part of a family and part of a country that is scared of the tabloid media because they have so much power and influence and no morals.

From the moment that I found a wife that was strong enough to be able to stand up for what we believe in together, [that] has basically scared them so much that theyve now come out incredibly angry, theyve come out fighting, and all they will try and do now is try and destroy our reputation and try and, you know, sink us.

He adds: It hasnt been very nice. Its been horrible, but we will come out of it stronger people.

Kuznetsov and Stolyarov have previously targeted Elton John, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, and the US senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

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The actor and activist has backed up Harrys desire to protect his family, while Stormzy has said there is no credible reason to dislike Meghan

Hugh Grant has defended Prince Harrys decision to step back from formal royal duties and seek a self-financed life based partly in Canada.

Speaking on Andy Cohens Radio Andy show on Sirius XM, Grant said: Im rather on Harrys side. The tabloid press effectively murdered his mother, now theyre tearing his wife to pieces.

Grant was reminding listeners of the circumstances surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was in a vehicle being pursued by paparazzi, which then crashed, killing three of the four passengers, in Paris in August 1997.

Grant added: I think as a man, its his job to protect his family, so Im with him.

Grant was promoting his new film, The Gentleman, alongside co-stars Charlie Hunnam and Matthew McConaughey. In the film, Grant plays a seedy and unscrupulous tabloid reporter.

Grant has been a vociferous campaigner against press intrusion for nearly 10 years. His activism stepped up after the revelation that the voicemail of murdered teenager Milly Dowler had been hacked by the News of the World.

In 2018, Grant donated a payout from Mirror Group Newspapers to the Hacked Off anti-hacking campaign. MGN apologised to Grant and others for its morally wrong actions in hacking their phones.

Speaking to Cohen, Grant described his relationship with the tabloids as very poor.

Grants defence of Harry again pits him against longtime antagonist Piers Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror with whom Grant frequently clashes on Twitter. Morgan has called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex the two most spoiled brats in history.

Grant won considerable acclaim for his portrayal of the disgraced Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe in the Stephen Frears miniseries A Very English Scandal, which was broadcast in 2018. The Gentleman has earned more mixed reviews so far.

Speaking on Tuesday, the musician Stormzy also came to the couples defence, saying there was no credible reason for people not to like Meghan.

In the firing line Stormzy. Photograph: Henry Nicholls/Reuters

In an interview with New York radio station Hot 97, he said: Meghan is a sweet woman, she does her thing and they just hate her.

The rapper referred to a clip of Eamonn Holmes on TalkSport, where the presenter says: I look at her and I think: I dont think Id like you.

Stormzy said that if those expressing such sentiments were made to write down the reasons for their negativity, they would find there was nothing credible to it.

He also discussed the backlash to an interview he recently gave in which he was asked whether he believed Britain was racist, to which he replied Yes, 100%.

The quote was taken out of context by numerous outlets to imply he believed the UK was entirely racist. Its the classic media spin, he said.

They know what theyre doing. Theyre weaponising what I said. A lot of people thought I was trying to incite division but thats what [the media] did, really.

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Fraser, from Canada, gained attention for Inuit-language cover of Rihannas Diamonds and advocacy for indigenous culture

Kelly Fraser, a Canadian pop artist who gained attention for an Inuit-language cover of Rihannas Diamonds, part of her advocacy efforts for her indigenous culture, has died. She was 26.

Thor Simonsen, Frasers friend and producer, said he was told the day after Christmas by the singer-songwriters family that she had died. The family declined to release details, including the cause of death, Simonsen said.

Fraser grew up in Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Canada, and was living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She released Isuma, her debut album, in 2014. Her sophomore album, Sedna, came out in 2017 and was nominated for indigenous music album of the year at Canadas Juno music awards.

When Fraser wrote or translated songs into Inuktitut, an Inuit language, a key aim was to use pop music as a platform to strengthen her language, Simonsen said. She also wanted to make the music as accessible to as many people as possible, he said, so she mixed English and Inuktitut in her recordings and blended traditional Inuit sounds and themes with contemporary pop.

A video of her version of Diamonds was widely viewed online.

Fraser was extremely passionate about trying to improve conditions for Inuit people and wanted to help young people understand the history that contributed to their difficulties, Simonsen said.

In a 2017 statement that accompanied the release of Sedna, Fraser said the albums goal was to heal those suffering from the results of colonisation, including the damaging effects of residential school and forced relocation.

There is a great need for Inuit artists to directly speak to those affected from the past.

She was working on a third album, Decolonize, at the time of her death, Simonsen said.

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Following the recent news about the Badoo and Bumble and Badoo exit there is more consolidation in the dating app space. It seems many dating apps are running for the exits ahead of the launch of dating on Facebook.

The Group – an investment of SDVentures – has acquired Dil Mil, a San Francisco-based dating app for expats from India and other South Asian countries. The acquisition was via a combination of cash and Group stock. According to, the deal values the company at up to $50 million.

CEO and founder KJ Dhaliwal will continue to manage the company and will join Group’s M&A and Strategy committees, as well as the Group Advisory Board.

Dil Mil has effectively become the ‘Tinder for South Asians’, has over 1 million users in the US, UK, & Canada, and has spread its influence both via the app, as well as events, music, and art. It’s run campaigns with Bollywood superstars like Shilpa Shetty, “Love is” with leading South Asian influencers, and events like the Sessions Music Festival in New York City.

The portfolio of Group already includes numerous brands including, DateMyAge, LovingA, Tubit, AnastasiaDate, ChinaLove and others.

Dhaliwal said in a statement: “When we started Dil Mil, our vision was to empower the world to find love. I’m glad Dil Mil can continue to realize this vision with the support of Group. As the dating app market becomes more competitive with companies like Facebook entering, we wanted to partner with a strong strategic player in this space.”

The idea for Dil Mil came to him after he realized his friends and family were having a hard time finding partners. He saw an opportunity to build a modern, reliable, safe platform specifically for South Asians to connect with each other. Existing methods like arranged marriages were outdated, while services offered by other apps were just not culturally appropriate.

Maria Sullivan (Vice President of Group & Board Director at Dil Mil) commented: “ Group sees great potential in Indian and other South Asian markets. Dil Mil’s small yet talented team managed to build the leading company in its niche. The team will continue to manage the company while Group will provide additional resources to help Dil Mil grow further. Group plans to continue to acquire successful companies in the social discovery space.”

On average, Indians have the highest family income and postgraduate education ratio among foreign-born populations in America. The Indian diaspora is the largest in the world (30 million people). Continued growth is also expected since India is on pace to have the world’s largest population, surpassing China around 2027.

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Incident has landed the prime minister in hot water as his Liberal party fights to secure another term in a tightly contested election

Canadians have long been aware that Justin Trudeau likes to dress up.

His tendency to appropriate dress and customs from other cultures has prompted gentle mockery from rival politicians and the media: on a trip to India last year, he was photographed in a kurta on numerous occasions. He has Indigenous art tattooed his shoulder. He wears Ramadan socks and dances to bhangra music.

But the emergence of three damning images of the Canadian prime minister in blackface have shattered the prime ministers carefully curated image as a progressive leader.

The incident has landed the prime minister in hot water as his Liberal party fights to secure another four-year term in a tightly contested federal election.

Trudeau quickly apologized Im pissed off at myself. Im disappointed in myself, he told reporters but the damage may already have been done, said Amarnath Amarasingam, a professor of religion at Queens University.

I have a difficult time seeing him wiggle his way out of this one. Hes not an authentic kind of messenger on the race issue. Hes not an authentic messenger on the discrimination issue because hes never led that conversation in the country before, he said.

The timing for Trudeau is particularly bad: only weeks ago, the prime minister publicly castigated the Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, over a recently unearthed video clip from 2005, in which Scheer expressed skepticism over the idea of gay marriage.

Scheer has seized on the blackface images, saying Trudeau has lost the moral authority to govern.

But the Conservative leader also has to grapple with that fact members of his own party have a history of racist or homophobic statements and social media posts. Scheer told reporters he would stand by candidates who showed genuine remorse for previous actions a standard he appeared unprepared to offer to Trudeau.

The more we get caught up in dichotomization of You said something racist and therefore youre bad, the more were likely to miss the real point, said Aditya Rao, an Ottawa-based human rights lawyer. I worry that people are looking to score political points off of this.

While Trudeau will likely sustain political damage in the coming days, hes unlikely to be facing an existential crisis, said Nelson Wiseman, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto.

The immediate winners may be the leftwing New Democratic party. The NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, gave a powerful speech on Wednesday, in which he described the chilling impact the images had on him and on millions of other Canadians who faced racism growing up.

The kids that see this image, the people that see this image, are going to think about all the times in their life that they were made fun of, that they were hurt, that they were hit, that they were insulted, that they were made to feel less because of who they are, Singh said.

But that boost for the NDP may fade away as the election draws closer: progressive voters turned off by Trudeaus escapades are unlikely to transfer their support to Scheers party. A lot of those people will just fall back to the Liberals, because their primary objective will be to vote against the Conservatives Its going to be a rough few days for the Liberals, but I dont think its gonna move the needle in the polls much as the Conservatives might hope, said Wiseman.

Beyond the immediate political frenzy, the emergence of Trudeaus blackface images has also cast a spotlight on a deeper thread of systematic racism in Canada.

Canadas Indigenous population is disproportionately represented among murder victims, prison inmates and the child welfare system. First Nation communities struggle with enduring poverty and exclusion. Black residents of Toronto are 20 times more likely to be shot dead by the police than their white neighbours.

Canadians generally see racism through the lens of what we are not. We are not the United States. We are not Europe. Were not having tiki-torch marches, said Amarasingam. We always feel like were kind of above the rest when it comes to issues of race and racism and discrimination.

Balpreet Singh of the World Sikh Organization, describe Trudeaus use of blackface as mocking and hurtful but then pointed to Quebecs provincial government which recently introduced legislation banning public sector employees from wearing religious symbols a law that disproportionately targets visible minorities.

A picture of the prime minister in blackface is bad. But the fact that theres a province in Canada that is telling the members of certain religious groups that theyre second-class citizens and wont be employed thats really a thousand times worse, he said.

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Prior to the victory over the Golden State Warriors, many had fallen victim to the music stars reputation for bringing bad luck

His repeated interactions with athletes before critical games and their subsequent losses have earned Drake the unfortunate reputation of bringing bad fortune to teams. But one historic basketball game may have broken the curse.

High-profile victims of the so-called Drake curse include Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whose team lost to Everton three days after meeting the Canadian rapper in London, and Paris Saint-Germain, who had their biggest loss in almost two decades after defender Layvin Kurzawa posed for a picture with him.

Also, boxer Anthony Joshua was so confident before his fight with Andy Ruiz Jr that he posted a photo with Drake on Instagram with the caption bout to break the curse only to subsequently lose to his little-known rival.

Such is the extent of Drakes reputation for bringing bad luck that AS Roma enforced a tongue-in-cheek ban on its players taking pictures with the star until the end of the season.

But following the Toronto Raptors historic 114-110 win over the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, which made them the first ever Canadian NBA champions, Drakes cursed influence appears for now at least to be over.

Following the game, an exultant Drake, a Raptors mega-fan who, as the official global ambassador of his hometown team, has been a court-side fixture throughout the finals, declared the curse null and void. Wearing a 2019 champions baseball cap he said: They said I was a curse, now they cursing each other out.

As well as announcing that he would be releasing not one but two songs to celebrate the victory Omert and Money in the Grave (ft. Rick Ross), he took the opportunity to gloat to Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

Yo Klay! when youre wakeboarding this summer in your Quicksilver shorts when you see me, you better wave. Friendly, too, he said.

His erratic and highly meme-able court-side posturing and emotional outbursts during the playoffs have attracted almost as much attention as the players on court. Drake taunted opposing players, wore provocative clothing, gesticulated wildly and even gave Raptors coach Nick Nurse a quick shoulder rub.

Drake described the Raptors win as poetic. And said: We did this off of heart. We did this off of love. We willed this into existence.

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The debate is a difficult one. Yet not every interloper is a colonialist in disguise, says Ash Sarkar, a senior editor at Novara Media

Is Gordon Ramsay allowed to cook Chinese food ? Is it OK to dress up as Disneys Moana? Can Jamie Oliver cook jollof rice despite plainly not knowing what it is? Exactly what is cultural appropriation? To take a glance at Good Morning Britain, the ITV show that never takes its finger off the pulse of Middle Englands clogged arteries, youd think its a question of white people seeking permission to have fun. And in return, new media outlets have guaranteed traffic from anxious millennials by listing things that fall into the category of problematic when white people adopt them (blaccents, bindis and box braids).

Why has cultural appropriation, an imperfect term mobilised in imperfect contexts, become such live ammunition for the socially conscious? And what does it mean especially for people of colour when we turn our fire on each other? It is striking that a phrase intended to sharpen a political analysis of life under postcolonial capitalism seems to have drawn the most blood between people who share overlapping experiences of racism and displacement.

The debate over cultural appropriation has been around for decades. Black writers and artists from the Harlem Renaissance voiced their concerns about the distortion of African cultures in some modernist artworks, and wrote at length about the demeaning caricatures of black identity in minstrel shows. Elvis Presley was said to have exploited negro music.

The artist Kenneth Coutts-Smith wrote one of the first essays on the subject in 1976, entitled Some General Observations on the Concept of Cultural Colonialism. He never actually used the term cultural appropriation, but he was the first to bring together the Marxist idea of class appropriation (in which notions of high culture are appropriated and defined by the dominant social and economic class) and cultural colonialism, which describes the way western cultures take ownership of art forms that originate from racially oppressed or colonised peoples.

Is it OK to dress up as Disneys Moana? Can Jamie Oliver cook jollof rice despite plainly not knowing what it is? Photograph: 2016 Disney

This is important to bear in mind. Our modern understanding of cultural appropriation is highly individualised. Its all about what Halloween costume you wear, or whos cooking biryani. But the way in which the idea was first used was to describe a relationship of dominance and exploitation between a global ruling class and a globally subjugated one. The idea that cultural appropriation is primarily a form of erasure a kind of emotional violence in which people are rendered invisible came along later. And this is the sticky point. Is it right to level the same criticism at an act of cultural borrowing that doesnt have a clear angle of economic or political exploitation as for one that does?

This month, news broke that Inuit singers were boycotting Canadas Indigenous Music Awards over the nomination of a Cree singer who, it is claimed, utilises specifically Inuit throat-singing techniques without coming from that culture herself. The Guardians own coverage of the story headlined Canada: one Indigenous group accuses other of cultural appropriation in award row treats the two different cultures as interchangeable. The point of commonality both Inuit and Cree being Canadian indigenous people positions a shared history of dispossession by a white settler colony as erasing cultural and artistic distinctions. The implicit question seems to be: Why are you lot even fighting? Youre all the same anyway.

Daniel Heath Justice, a Cherokee professor of indigenous studies at the University of British Columbia, points out that the row isnt the result of oversensitivity or prickliness. The throat-singing technique in question was banned by Christian missionaries, and discouraged by colonial governments. In his words: Were talking about continuity in spite of traumatic, sustained and systemic multi-generational assaults on every aspect of our beings including our artistic practice.

Yet I find it strange that a recognition of the pain caused by colonialism is being projected on to fellow indigenous artists. Its possible to argue against a colonial viewpoint that homogenises those whom it dominates, without using language that holds responsible people who have also been affected by centuries of dispossession.

London MC Wiley got it right when he talked about Canadian rapper Drake (above) being a culture vulture. Photograph: Arthur Mola/AP

Its worth pointing out that conflicts between racially oppressed people often result from the fact that colonialism worked on divide and rule. Certain ethnic, religious, racial or indigenous groups were deliberately privileged over others in order to create a sense of investment in upholding the power structure.

Today, arguments rage about non-African Americans participating in (and making money from) hip-hop culture, or whether black people should wear south Asian head ornaments. I get that its tempting to see such pop-cultural phenomena as a replication of centuries-old colonial dynamics. But maybe our own frustration at the erasure of difference risks erasing certain crucial differences in itself. Not all cultural borrowing is a form of social violence: some of it is just cringe. I thought London MC Wiley got it right when he talked about Canadian rapper Drake being a culture vulture profiting off the UK music scene. The godfather of grime didnt need to raid the library of Soas University of London to come up with his critique. A straightforward Listen, bumbahole did the trick just fine.

But young, socially conscious people of colour do need to be a bit more honest with themselves about whats driving our political interventions when it comes to cultural appropriation on this issue. Ive felt that anger myself: such as when someone very earnestly told me how henna actually looks better on pale skin; or when I see Indian food staples marketed by English gentrifiers. Theres a very particular feeling when you know that the identity I wear on my skin is an outfit for someone else that culture is valued more than the humanity that produced it. But theres another uncomfortable feeling lurking at the bottom of it.

When youre a second- or third-generation migrant, your ties to your heritage can feel a little precarious. Youre a foreigner here, youre a tourist back in your ancestral land, and home is the magpie nest you construct of the bits of culture youre able to hold close. The appropriation debate peddles a comforting lie that theres such thing as a stable and authentic connection to culture that can remain intact after the seismic interruptions of colonialism and migration.

Im not suggesting we stop using the term cultural appropriation altogether: its clearly meaningful when talking about systems of exploitation and dominance. But we do need to become a lot more discerning about how we use the idea in discussing interpersonal dynamics. Theres a difference between understanding how these frustrations have a politicised background, and treating these issues as sites of political contestation in themselves. Not everyone who participates in a misguided attempt at cultural borrowing is a coloniser in disguise. Some people are just sad try-hards.

Ash Sarkar is a senior editor at Novara Media, and lectures in political theory at the Sandberg Instituut

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Club of French-speaking countries needs total overhaul, says novelist Alain Mabanckou

Macron’s French language crusade bolsters imperialism Congo novelist

Club of French-speaking countries needs total overhaul, says novelist Alain Mabanckou

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New Years Eve celebration falls victim to subzero cold snap and Ottawa hockey tournament moved indoors but Winnipeg parties on

First no hockey, now no music. Ottawa has declared that its officially too cold even for Canadians.

Heritage Canada has announced that a New Years Eve concert planned for Ottawa has been cancelled because of an extreme cold weather warning.

The partys cancellation on Friday came after the federal government also moved an outdoor hockey tournament indoors and away from a C$5.6m (3.3m) temporary ice rink installed on Parliament Hill.

The forecast overnight low for the nations capital on Sunday is -29C, nearly 20 degrees colder than the seasonal average.

Public skating and a fireworks show on the citys Parliament Hill will go ahead as planned on Sunday night, but Heritage Canada warned revellers have been warned to dress for the weather and prepare accordingly to prevent frostbite and other injuries.

Most of Canada is in the depths of a deep freeze, with temperatures across the country reaching, and in some cases breaking, cold-weather records. On Thursday Toronto shattered a 57-year record, with the mercury dipping to -22C.

Winnipeg, Manitoba often referred to by the rest of Canada as Winterpeg has roughly the same Sunday forecast as Ottawa. But according to spokeswoman Chelsea Thomson, outdoor New Years Eve celebrations will go ahead despite the frosty temperature.

Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham and his team predicted this ferociously cold start to winter in November by analysing long-term weather models and historic patterns, particularly in the tropical Atlantic.

Thankfully, Gillhams predictions include an expected reprieve when the current cold snap breaks in early-to-mid-January. Its possible temperatures may inch into the teens by mid-February but its too hard to say for certain exactly how long or how warm the midwinter will be.

The cold still has a lot of fight in it, Gillham said.

To put it all in perspective, temperatures in some regions have come close to -40C. Photographer Jared Monkman, from Hay river, Northwest Territories, said he would be grateful for a balmy -20C on New Years Eve.

In Hay river, we only have outdoor hockey rinks. Minus 20 would be a glorious day outdoors for us, Monkman said. The town is going to come alive when it hits minus 20, Monkman said, While Ottawa is shutting down.

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