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In an effort likely aimed at boosting family memberships, Spotify this morning announced a new partnership with Disney on the creation of a Disney Hub on its streaming service. Here, Disney fans in select markets including the U.S. will find a selection of Disney playlists, like soundtracks from Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies, Star Wars instrumentals, classics, sing-alongs and more.

The Disney Hub is also live in the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It can be discovered by doing a search for “Disney” in the Spotify app.

Disney songs in particular appeal to families with children, and Spotify memberships that offer multiple profiles for both parents and kids alike are of more value to the streaming service. For example, Spotify Premium in the U.S. is $9.99 per month, but the Family membership is $14.99 per month. Of course, kids could just listen in under mom or dad’s account, but every parent knows that ruins one of Spotify’s best value propositions — its personalized playlists, like Discover Weekly.

Though Spotify isn’t always thought of as a family service, that’s increasingly changing as kids get their own devices at earlier ages, and music streaming becomes commonplace in the car and in the home, via smart speakers — often placed in kids’ rooms.


Spotify says Disney songs are popular on its service, with users having streamed more than 2 billion minutes of Disney music this year so far. The top song to date is still “Let it Go” from “Frozen,” but Disney’s new slate of remakes is helping push others up the charts, with “A Whole New World” from the live-action “Aladdin” now the most-repeated song in the past month.

The Disney Hub will also include the following playlists:

  • Disney Hits: Top songs from the biggest Disney and Pixar films.  
  • Disney Favorites: Everyone’s favorite current tunes, plus popular classics.
  • Disney Classics: A nostalgic playlist that includes songs from the Disney Parks, live-action and animated classic soundtracks, as well as songs from Disney Channel originals.
  • Disney Singalongs: Songs to sing along to. 
  • Disney Princess: Love ballads as well as the coming-of-age breakaways.
  • Marvel Music: All the best songs and scores from Marvel films and shows.
  • Best of Star Wars: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra’s music from Star Wars. 

It’s worth noting, too, that Spotify already has a close partnership with Hulu, which is now majority-owned by Disney. In the past, the companies have offered a Hulu-Spotify bundle at a discounted price to gain more subscribers. In March 2019, for example, the two launched an even more steeply discounted bundle than before, at $9.99 per month for both — or effectively Spotify Premium with Hulu for free.

As for Disney, working with Spotify can help it build interest in its new movies by creating more of a connection with fans. Spotify notes that the Disney Hub will, in fact, continue to be updated with music as more Disney films launch over the course of the summer and the rest of the year.

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Aleksei Vinogradov is a Russian freelance digital artist who shares his skills and talent with 120k followers on Instagram. His charming artistic touch, masterful use of pastels and subtle brush strokes create lively portraits full of character and attract the attention of art lovers from around the world. His beautiful works are achieved mainly with the help of Procreate app and a tablet. He studied Costume Design at Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy and now, his work is so inspiring and appreciated that he has created his own unique brushes for digital painting.

Aleksei finds his inspiration in music, emotion, and gorgeous female faces. In fact, if you carefully scroll through his feed, you’ll notice his ability to portray women with power, attitude, and energy and evoke emotions as if they were looking at you directly from the screen.

In his series “Famous characters and their pets”, Aleksei draws beautiful portraits of loved pop-culture characters with their ‘spirit’ pets: from Jon Snow with a white direwolf cub to Batman with a little bat or Mistique with a fantasy mini version of herself. Apart from taking these artworks to another level of cuteness, these tiny animals have a symbolic meaning and perfectly represent their owners. Like owner, like pet, right?

Jon Snow (Kit Harington in “Game of Thrones”)

Image credits: avvart

The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” finally kicks off on April 14th, so Aleksei Vinogradov has treated us with a tribute to one of the most iconic characters of the series, Jon Snow. Jon (played by Kit Harrington) is realistically portrayed with his loyal albino direwolf pup Ghost, whom he rescues early in the series. Ghost was the only white direwolf and the smallest one of the pack that children of Winterfell have adopted but grew up to be larger than his siblings. His uniqueness resembles Jon’s character and makes for the perfect pet. And while we’ve recently seen Jon (spoiler alert!) embracing his Targaryen heritage and hanging out with dragons, Ghost is said to make his glorious return with a fair share of screen time in the last season, so we will have the chance to explore their special bond.

Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence in “The X-Men”)

Image credits: avvart

Born as Raven Darkhome, Mystique is a mutant from the superhero film series X-Men which has the ability to shapeshift into anyone. Portrayed by the talented and gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence since 2011’s X-Men: First Class, Mystique can mimic exact appearances, voices and even clothing which gives her the power to go unnoticed and manipulate people. The power of youth and regenerative healing along with amazing combat skills make her a valuable X-Men member, even though she hasn’t always been a hero. Her cute pet is a little duplicate of her natural blue-skinned and red-haired form, which Mystique eventually learned to accept. Does a mini Mystique have the superpower to transform into anyone she desires and is it even this pet’s final form? We wish we could get the answers to these questions in the next X-Men movie.

Batman/ Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale in “Batman”)

Image credits: avvart

Not all heroes wear capes, but Batman is definitely one of them. This superhero is a perfect example that you don’t have to be born with unearthly powers to fight for justice. Bruce engaged his physical and intellectual training to create a character that can operate first-class equipment in order to fight crime in Gotham City. The fandom continues an ongoing discussion on who is the best Batman, but Christian Bale definitely is at the top of our, and probably Aleksei’s, list. There isn’t a better pet option for Bruce Wayne than the black creature of the night that actually inspired his superhero alter ego – a bat. He was once scared of bats but turned his fear into a symbol of power and strength.

Leeloo (Mila Jovovich in “The Fifth Element”)

Image credits: avvart

Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat (A.K.A “Leeloo”) is a beautiful human-like alien, one of the Supreme Beings of the Universe in Luc Besson’s iconic “Fifth Element” who was sent to Earth to fight evil. Genetically flawless and superior, Leeloo is the Fifth Element to complete a powerful weapon. The character, portrayed by Ukrainian-born actress Mila Jovovich has superhuman strength, enhanced learning, durability, agility, and incredible combat skills in addition to her most important ability to unite all elemental stones. Despite being the perfect warrior, she still has a childish charm, fragility, and sensitivity. Aleksei Vinogradov imagines a little puppy with glorious orange stripes as her four-legged friend.

Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley in “Pirates of the Caribbean”)

Image credits: avvart

Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, is another famous character that inspired Aleksei. An exceptionally beautiful, spirited and intelligent woman who doesn’t conform to gender and social boundaries and was fascinated by piracy and living at sea from a young age. Elizabeth has strong will and an independent mind, which paired with her masterful use of sward and battle strategy skills made this young woman a brave pirate. Her kitty has a distinctive style that might have been influenced by one particularly eccentric pirate.

Mathilda (Natalie Portman in “Léon: The Professional”)

Image credits: avvart

Natalie Portman’s Mathilda is a 12-year-old girl who finds shelter in professional hitman Léon’s apartment after her family is murdered. Mathilda quickly becomes Léon’s protégée as she seeks revenge for her little brother’s execution. The two strike a deal – Mathilda’s agrees to help around the house and teach him how to read in exchange for hitman skills from the top hit man in New York. Innocent and childish but already carrying deep emotional scars, that make her mature beyond her years she transforms into a well-prepared assassin ready to avenge. Mathilda was a complex character that attracted Aleksei’s attention. Her ‘spirit’ animal is a black cat: very affectionate but true to its wild instincts.

Hellboy (Ron Perlman in “Hellboy”)

Image credits: avvart

It’s no surprise that a pet of Hellboy (or Anung Un Rama) would be a little devil, that’s still cute in nature. The well-meaning half-demon, portrayed by Ron Pearlman in two Guillermo del Toro screen adaptions of the famous comics, seems like the perfect owner to manage this kind of pet. In spite of his demonic and frightening appearance that would fit a true villain, Hellboy is actually a superhero fighting against the forces of darkness. He is a very likable and good-hearted character with a witty sense of humor, and his playful red friend seems to have the same traits.

Malekith (Christopher Eccleston in “Thor: The Dark World”)

Image credits: avvart

Malekith (portrayed by Christopher Eccleston in “Thor: The Dark World”) is the antagonist of Aleksei’s series. Malekith who aimed to transform the universe into eternal darkness was the utterly cruel, ruthless and malicious leader of the Dark Elves. No wonder that his pet is quite intimidating despite being small in size. It seems that the little fella would rule a fair share of the universe if his owner’s plan wasn’t ruined by Thor.


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We acknowledge that this is basically Trudeau fan fiction, says Chip Zdarsky, Canadian artist and writer of Marvels Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5

Sporting red boxing gloves and a sleeveless top emblazoned with a red maple leaf, a smiling Justin Trudeau, Canadas prime minister, appears relaxed as gears up for his latest role: comic book hero.

Trudeau will appear on the variant cover of Marvels Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5, slated for release at the end of August. The cover is an alternative to the main cover in circulation.

The prime ministers foray into Marvel Universe came after Canadian artist and writer Chip Zdarsky was approached by Marvel to write a story featuring Canadian superhero squad Alpha Flight. He immediately knew he wanted Trudeau to be part of the story.

He seems to be the popular culture association with Canada right now, right behind [Toronto rapper] Drake and I probably couldnt get Drake in the comic, Zdarsky told the Canadian Press. While it wouldnt endorse the comic, Trudeaus office said it was fine with the idea.

The storyline centers on Alpha Flight, who now work for Captain Marvels worldwide defence program. When faced with a moral quandary, the team decides to seek out Trudeau, their old boss, for advice.

I liked the idea of him actually engaging them in an ethical debate, said Zdarsky. I didnt want this to just be like a walk-on … rescued by superheroes and he thanks them and thats the end of the story.

The story required Zdarsky to put himself in Trudeaus shoes, envisioning how the politician would respond to certain situations. Hopefully, I did a good job. Maybe Ill get a call from him saying: How could you have me saying that to … Iron Man? Zdarsky said. Its a little tricky just because once you start to put words in the prime ministers mouth, we acknowledge that this is basically Trudeau fan fiction.

It was Toronto-based cartoonist Ramn Prez who decided to put Trudeau in the boxing ring for the cover. I didnt want to do a stuffy cover just like a suit and tie put his likeness on the cover and call it a day, he told Canadian Press. I wanted to kind of evoke a little bit of whats different about him than other people in power right now. You dont see [Barack] Obama strutting around in boxing gear, doing push-ups in commercials or whatnot.

Trudeau is the third politician to be added to the Marvel Universe. The first was his late father Pierre, spotlighted in Uncanny X-Men in 1979. In 2009, Obama made his comic book debut in Secret Invasion #8.

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