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How early do you think babies learn to communicate? The minute they come out of the womb, or does it happen a bit later? Or, along with those same lines, how early do you think their personalities develop? Some babies start to laugh from early stages, some to say few words like Mama and Dada but some babies start to sing. This darling little baby might look like a mere toddler, but that doesn’t mean he can’t belt out some music like the biggest stars out there!

Babies and toddlers might not always look like they’re paying attention to their surroundings, but when you watch this adorable video, it becomes very clear that they are totally aware of exactly what’s going on. It’s kind of scary to realize just how much they notice when you think they’re not! This adorable baby joins and sings along with his dad as he plays the guitar? You can’t help but smile while watching a heart-warming family moment like this! This beautiful blue-eyed toddler is Patrick. Patrick loves his father’s guitar and he loves singing songs with him. They have a lot of videos together singing all kind of songs! Like this video were they sing very heartwarming duet!

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad! He is an amazing dad who spends a lot of time with his son and has a lot of memories together! Keep up the good job dad!

Here is another video devoted to a great dad. This devoted dad prepares a princess-themed dance for his daughter.

He surprised his daughter by transforming her hospital room into a princess-theme ballroom – dancing with her to celebrate to completion of her first round of chemo. Phoenix Thompson is just like any other two-year-old – she laughs, plays, cries and runs around – but beneath her beaming exterior she’s fighting a rare and difficult form of cancer. Diagnosed on August 2, after her step-mother, Christina Thompson, took notice of a number subtleties in Phoenix’s health and temperament, the tiny tot from Winder, Georgia, was confirmed to be suffering from juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML).

Rushed into the hospital that same day, Phoenix began her first of four rounds of chemotherapy on August 6 – and it lasted for 10 days. Cutting a “completely inspiring” figure throughout her grueling treatment, Phoenix’s dad, Brett, 28, wanted to celebrate her unprecedented bravery with an evening fit for a princess. Soon after her last treatment of the cycle on August 16, a mystery Disney princess dress was delivered to Phoenix by a nurse. Given no explanation, it wasn’t long before all was revealed, as Brett walked into the room sporting a black tuxedo and a tearful grin.

Lifting his daughter into the air, the duo silently sways cheek-to-cheek along to Tim McGraw’s ‘My Little Girl’. But as his daughter gleams with happiness, her father tentatively cries in the crook of her neck. There’s truly nothing like the connection between a father and his little girl. It’s a bond like no other and it’s one of the sweetest relationships to witness. Dad is the very first man that a girl will ever love and that love and support will stick with her for years to come.

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Another entertaining issue of the segment “Wheel of Musical” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This video is trending heavily right now with already over four million views on YouTube (after two days!).

“Jimmy challenges Alicia Keys to a game of random musical impressions like Gwen Stefani singing ‘Miss Mary Mack’ and Adele singing ‘The Alphabet Song’.”

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FREE DAD VIDEOS made this terrific cover version of Coolio’s hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” featuring the cutest mini gangsters there are!

“Power and the money, money and the power…”

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Claire Ryann and her dad aka Claire and the Crosbys cover the song “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” (theme song of the 1995 Disney/Pixar movie “Toy Story”) and already got over three million views on this video. Cute!

“We have a studio recorded version of this song, but wanted to do a LIVE cover of it!”

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You just HAVE to love Neil Patrick Harris! Everything he is involved in gets entertaining. Like this 10-minute-piece at The Late Late Show with James Corden that is trending right now with already over 1.2 million views.

“Neil Patrick Harris interrupts James during the show challenging him to a riff-off to settle a dispute and figure out who is truly more Broadway. Featuring The Filharmonic on backing vocals.”

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This video parody by Rudy Mancuso went viral yesterday with over 900,000 views on it’s first day being online.

“Watch this funny comedy musical video of Rudy Mancuso and his crazy doctor.”

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(CNN)As the European Union fights to keep Britain from leaving, it’s perhaps fitting that the theme of this year’s Eurovision singing contest is “Come together.”

Could the UK’s song entry, “You’re Not Alone” by duo Joe and Jake, also be a thinly veiled message to the British public?
“We’re in this together”gothe lyrics to the song, which bookmakers have given a 25-1 chance of winning the contest Saturday in Sweden.
    Not great odds but also not terrible for a country that hasn’t won the contest in almost two decades.
    The singing competition comes ahead of a June referendum that will see Britons voting on whether to stay or exit the EU — commonly known as “Brexit.”
    And it’s not the only Brexit the country has been considering.
    A recent YouGov poll found 60% of people would want Britain to leave Eurovision, a contest known for its camp, kitsch and zany style.
    In many ways, Britain’s relationship with the EU has long mirrored that of Eurovision, said Alasdair Rendall, president of the UK’s Eurovision Fan Club.

    Swinging ’60s and ’70s

    “If you look at the UK’s attitudes toward the then-EEC in the 1960s and 1970s, we were really keen to join in the 1960s, and we finally joined in the 1970s,” Rendall said, referring to European Economic Community.
    “And they were years when we were also doing really well in Eurovision.”
    Those were indeed golden years for the UK at Eurovision. The country won three times — with Sandie Shaw in 1967, Lulu in 1969 and Brotherhood of Man in 1976.
    The UK also had 10 songs finishing in the top three.


    Sweden, meanwhile, has won the competition six times, perhaps most famously with the Abba song “Waterloo” in 1974.
    The song has references to the 1815 Battle of Waterloo in which British troops defeated Napoleon.
    But whether Britain will claim victory at Eurovision this year remains to be seen.

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    The Late Late Show hostJames Cordenis back with his most popular series ever, Carpool Karaoke. This time, he drove around LAand sang with pop star Gwen Stefani. As expected, this is today’s most viral clip.


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