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School as a concept is anything but exciting with its strict formalities and serious focus on education, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t actually be fun.

School can be a very exciting place, whether it is due to amazing teachers with their great personalities and lessons, or the students themselves seeking out adventure in the school halls… or the underground.

In our case, it’s the latter.

While schools are a place of learning, they are also, naturally, a place of mischief among students

Image credits: Gail Frederick (not the actual photo)

Dean Lines, a screenwriter from Manchester, England, recently took to Twitter to respond to a question originally posted on Reddit: what was “the incident” in your high school? What followed was a hilariously crazy story about an elaborate plan to break into the school’s vending machine storage through underground tunnels that Dean and his friends had accidentally found whilst skipping French class

Bored Panda got in touch with Dean Lines for an interview.

A twitter user recalls a story where he and his friends went on an elaborate “candy heist” in his school

Image credits: deanlines

Image credits: deanlines

Apparently, Dean’s school had hatches that led to underground tunnels for the heating system

Image credits: deanlines

Image credits: deanlines

The gang figured out that they can gain access to the school’s storage room through the tunnels

Image credits: deanlines

Much to Dean’s surprise, this story went viral: “I was very surprised to see the story go viral. I’ve posted a few other tales from my misbegotten youth but never had a response like this. It’s lovely to see so many people enjoying a story I’ve told a thousand times before in the pub… but at the same time, it’s overwhelming. The sheer number of likes, retweets, and comments pretty much crashed my phone instantly.”

Image credits: deanlines

So, they make an elaborate plan, gather all of the necessities, and enter the tunnels

Image credits: deanlines

Image credits: deanlines

The first sign of trouble: the underground surroundings are different this time, hindering their progress

Image credits: deanlines

“Other than fixing all the horrible typos, I wish I had included the small mini heist that took place the week before we decided to go back into the tunnels,” elaborated Dean. “Someone got word there was a schematic of the school building on Tommy the Caretaker’s office wall. So, we spent a morning figuring out a way of getting our hands on that to help navigate the tunnels. We ended up getting it but it was useless. It just had the above-ground layout. Just another dead end…”

Image credits: deanlines

What first started off with slight obstacles, ended up with someone’s hand inside a carcass of a fox

Image credits: deanlines

Image credits: deanlines

They lose it and bolt out of the tunnels, making a great deal of noise along the way

Image credits: deanlines

Image credits: deanlines

Determined to crack the vending machine storage room, they try again a week later

Image credits: deanlines

If there’s one story, there are bound to be more. Bored Panda asked if there are others that he’ll be sharing in the future. He said this: “More in the future? There’s the time we robbed the local dairy and got caught by my mom who worked there and yet somehow managed to convince her not to trust her lying eyes.”

“I still feel bad about that one. But yeah, there must be a dozen other stories like that. I’m sure they’ll get posted eventually. Usually, when I’m avoiding doing the real work of making up imaginary stories to pay the bills…”

Image credits: deanlines

However, the jig is up when word gets out and now everyone wants a piece of the action

Image credits: deanlines

Image credits: deanlines

A teacher stumbled upon them and 28 students had to be extracted out of the tunnels by the fire brigade

Image credits: deanlines

The story goes that Dean and his friends accidentally found a hatch in the school’s drum room that led to underground heating system maintenance tunnels. Because of the way the school was built, they quickly figured out that they could access the school’s vending machine storage, where the candy was theirs for the taking.

Thus, a candy heist was now in the works. They made an elaborate plan, got all of the needed equipment, and made the necessary preparations. Unfortunately, despite what seemed like very sufficient planning, the first “expedition” was interrupted by a dead fox carcass.

The second try had to be it—they prepared even more and for every possible hindrance. However, word got out about the heist and now everyone wanted a piece of the action. The jig was up when the music teacher walked in on 28 students attempting to use the tunnels to get to the storage room.

Despite being caught, nobody really knew who was to blame for this and it seems that Dean and his friends got off scot-free. And it turned out to be an amazing read—as of this article, the tweet thread has received over 325,000 likes with over 65,000 retweets.

What are some of your crazy school “incident” stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! has an awesome segment called ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ and it’s a real pleasure to watch how stars react to angry posts and troll comments. Some of their comebacks are amazing. The reactions of others are priceless as well. And once in a while, you see genuine surprise that there are people out there who don’t like stars!

Scroll down, upvote your fave mean tweets, and share this post with your pals if you think they’ll enjoy a good laugh or two. Just remember, this is no reason to start bullying celebs or spreading hate.

When you’re done with this post and if you find yourself wanting more, you can find Bored Panda’s previous articles about celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel’s show here, here, here, as well as here.




No matter how much love you might get as a celebrity, there will always, always be at least a handful of people out there who dislike you or even hate you. The moral of the story is that you can’t be loved by everyone. So if you’re worried about someone disliking you, just remember that right now, there are hundreds, thousands of trolls hunched over their keyboards, bashing out mean comments about your favorite actors, singers, dancers, and other celebs.




Twitter user JayBird told Bored Panda their opinion about why Jimmy Kimmel’s show segment about celebrities reading mean tweets is so popular. According to JayBird, the segment’s popularity most likely stems from a desire to laugh and thus “turn the negativity away from you and back to the insulter.” In other words, people want to get rid of stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings, and laughter is perfect for that.

JayBird mused that the reason why some people send out mean or hateful tweets to celebrities is because they want fame themselves, so they try to get as close as they can to celebrities. Even if that’s achieved through something negative like insulting stars.

What’s more, JayBird said that the perfect way to deal with mean tweets is exactly what celebs do on the Jimmy Kimmel show: laugh at them and show everyone that the tweets don’t affect them in any way at all.




There are bad ways to deal with haters like getting into internet catfights with them, breaking down in tears, or screaming at passers-by.

And then there are awesome ways to react and feel like a pro. For example, the author of the legendary Harry Potter books J.K.Rowling once used her name in a punny reply to a critic, saying “They see me Rowlin’, They hatin.’” I think that many of us would absolutely love to use our last names as puns. But not all of us are as lucky as Rowling. Or we need a tad more imagination.

But this doesn’t answer the question of why online trolls target celebrities in the first place. Wouldn’t it be better to vent your rage at the gym instead?

According to presenter Rachel Riley, trolls are all “exactly the same” and are after “publicity.” She explained that, in her opinion, trolls target public figures to get more followers. While some of them, who have political ambitions, want to get more people to support their hateful ideologies.



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