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The KNOH YouTube account — known for remixing some of our favorite songs by replacing the instruments with unexpected sound effects — is back at it again.

If you enjoyed the time KNOH remixed Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” using horse sounds, you’ll want to check out the remake of Billie Eilish’s hit song “Bad Guy,” which samples a bunch of weird sounds she made during her March Hot Ones episode.

“Billie made some weird sounds throughout the interview, so I decided to use only the sounds she made to make what you hear in the video,” the creator wrote in the video’s description.

By adjusting the screams, laughs, and several burps Eilish made while attempting to conquer the hot wings, a far more disgusting but equally catchy version of the song was born. Enjoy.

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There’s a reason “Old Town Road” has been No.1  for seven weeks straight: Everyone loves it. That includes this gym full of elementary schoolers, who closed out their school’s fifth grade talent show with a deeply wholesome mass sing-along.

Felecia Evans, the principal of Landers Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio, tweeted a video of the moment on Thursday. “I love my job,” she wrote. “We ended our 5th grade talent show today with the whole school dancing and celebrating…together!!” (Celebrating is right. These small children have more spirit than most concert crowds.)

The kids’ enthusiasm even caught the attention of Lil Nas X, who asked Evans when she wanted him to swing by Landers for a free concert. (Evans told Mashable via email that the two are currently trying to figure out the best time for him to visit.)

We can only imagine the dance moves (and screaming) at that future show. Yeehaw.

UPDATE: May 24, 2019, 1:13 p.m. ET This post has been updated with information from Evans.

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Image: Getty Images

The sun is out and it’s warm again, which means summer ‘gram is back in full force. 

Here’s the thing — when there are 1 billion Instagram users out there celebrating longer days and hotter nights, how many unique summer-themed posts can there really be? You’re bound to see one, or two, or 10 posts with the same poses and captions. If the account @insta_repeat has taught us anything, it’s that #wanderlust photoshoots aren’t exactly one of a kind. 

Here are 10 Instagram posts you’re sure to see this summer. 

1. Hot dogs or legs?

Can you believe it’s 2019 and people are still captioning their photos with this? Just post your nicely tanned legs and go!

(Except this cat, though. We will protect pet influencers with all our hearts.)

2. Hanging out on a pool float

It’s the age of Instagram, and we as a society are over basic pool floats. If it isn’t an elaborately designed inflatable bird, then what’s the point? As pool floats become more extra, you’ll probably scroll past a few this summer. 

3. Some kind of pastel-colored frozen drink 

Folks, it’s frosé season and we are all thriving! As it warms up outside, the rest of us will be cooling down over brunch and some adult slushies. And why bother going to brunch, if you aren’t at least going to post a nice Boomerang of your pals clinking glasses? 

4. “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever”

Unfortunately, you can’t preserve your sun-kissed glow for the entire year. But Instagram captions? Instagram captions are forever, and you’ll probably see a handful of these on your feed this summer. 

5. Someone holding a comically large ice cream cone

Eating ice cream off a cone truly is a race against time and gravity — is it even enjoyable? Unfortunately, cups just aren’t as aesthetically pleasing, so you might as well suck it up and get the shot before it all melts. 

6. Dude playing guitar outside

The sun is out and so is every guy who knows a few chords. You’re likely to spot him in his natural habitat – any park or beach where others are just trying to relax in peace. The Guy Who Plays Guitar thrives in public spaces, and is sure to post about playing guitar in public. 

7. Posing at a music festival

We get it, you went to a music festival! You had a life changing experience in the desert! You’ll post dreamy photos captioned “take me back” until the next festival! It’s the cardinal rule of Instagram — if you didn’t post about going to a music festival, did you really go?

8. Sunset over the ocean

Is it still socially acceptable to post sunset photos in 2019? Hell yeah. Nature is beautiful, and there’s no harm is sharing that with everyone. Just know that yours will be one of hundreds of thousands of beach sunset photos on the app. 

9. Someone working out outdoors

If you have a guitar, chuck it in the garbage right now. Take a sledgehammer to that old grand piano. The only instrument you’ll ever need is an electric toothbrush. 

Device Orchestra is a YouTube channel that’s taken on the impossible (yet entertaining) task of turning everyday appliances and inanimate objects into his own personal orchestra. 

Just like frogs taught to sing in Meet the Robinsons, Device Orchestra is tapping into the hidden musical potential of everything from credit card machines, to toasters, and now, electric toothbrushes.

He uses five brushes to create a flawless rendition of the “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, including the rap parts. This sort of stripped down, whimsically hilarious energy is also reminiscent of a lot of YouTube otamatone covers. 

Now if only he could compose an alarm clock to wake me up with something nicer than harsh noise. 

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Peace out, haters.
Image: Mark Makela / Getty Images

Not every news story about a politician’s past has to be damning. Sometimes — and I know this might come as a shock to some — articles can simply reveal facts about a person that were not previously known. Those articles don’t have to pass judgment at all. 

I say this because today Twitter is all riled up about a Washington Post article that reveals that 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren formerly worked as a teacher and a legal consultant, simultaneously. And she made good money! *gasp* 

The article, which features the lengthy and kinda trolly title, “While teaching, Elizabeth Warren worked on more than 50 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an hour,” has come under fire for carrying a tone that makes Warren’s attempt to make a living sound a bit audacious.

You mean to tell us Warren had a job and dared to work other ones? At the same time? While charging for her services? My god, the nerve! 

Along with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who tweeted the article with the words, “BREAKING NEWS: Lady Had A Job, Got Paid More Than Me,” many Twitter users defended Warren’s hustle, along with every person’s right to work and make a living.

They also defended teachers — noting that many educators often receive relatively low salaries, and are no strangers to picking up second jobs or seeking out additional paid work in their spare time — and questioned whether the article would have even been written if Warren were a man.

The headline was undoubtedly worded in a way that some could read as disapproving, but Annie Linskey and Elise Viebeck, the Washington Post reporters who wrote the article, each made an effort to highlight other points when tweeting the piece. (Writers, of course, are often not the headline writers at all.) 

Linskey stressed that the article was meant to shed light on the extensive work Warren did during her time at Harvard, and Viebeck simply noted that they found Warren was involved in “more legal matters than previously disclosed.”

For those too turned off by the headline to even read the article, it notes that “Warren’s presidential campaign released a list of 56 cases on her website on Wednesday night,” which was more than had been previously disclosed when she first ran for the Senate in 2012. 

“At the time, she released a list of just 13 cases without saying whether it represented a full accounting; at least one other case came to light during the race,” the article reads.

The piece details several of the cases and explains the list demonstrates “an aspect of her [Warren’s] career that she rarely discusses in public.” That’s all valid information, but the packaging definitely could have been better.

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Hold onto your grandma, or she may rush the stage.  

Once classes end for seniors, the only thing standing between them and the rest of their lives is a graduation ceremony. These uppity events are full of speeches, applause, and awkwardly tense moments. While they’re meticulously planned, from the seating to the staging, there’s a lot that can happen unexpectedly when hoards of people are stuffed under one roof for several hours.

From blow-up sex dolls to fascist grandmas, here are some whacky graduation ceremony highlights:

1. Wake up call 

“I fell asleep while they were calling names and totally missed my name being called. What’s even funnier is that neither of the two troglodytes sitting next to me thought about waking me up. We were NOT all in this together. I woke up somewhere around the Ls (fitting) and realized that everyone around me had their fake diplomas in a little red scroll. So what did I do? I got up and walked to the end of the line and made them re-announce my name because I deserve my moment. We all do.” – Matty, 20

2. Just popping in

“When we all go to throw our caps and give that liberating “CLASS OF 2013” screech, someone tosses a blow up sex doll (female) into the air! Of course it’s hilarious and we’re all chuckling but I couldn’t help but laugh twice because we were sitting in a church sanctuary! A sex doll was crowd surfing the fresh grads in the House of God. It only lasted a few moments before faculty came over and popped the poor naked lady.” – Savannah, 24

3. To speech their own

“Senior class ahead of me had a crazy party two nights before graduation, and the girl (#2 in her class) giving the speech at the ceremony attended. She had already gotten her speech approved by the principal but at the last minute changed the ceremony speech to a speech all about this party. I believe the first line was something resembling ‘Like many of you, I woke up in a barn Thursday morning with no idea where I was.’ She lost her scholarship and disappointed a lot of teachers and parents. She also posted the entire speech on Facebook.” –kcb92 via Reddit

4. Stoner outing 

“At my high school graduation, they made a slideshow of all the students. They included a random photo in which I was with the ‘hazy faces,’ aka the stoners. My parents sat there and watched as a picture of me with an obviously super stoned dude was displayed. Thanks a lot, teach!” – Evelyn, 28

5. Eyes Wide Shut: Graduation edition

“We had a graduation mass beforehand and the power went out in this giant ass auditorium. The scariest part was that it happened during one of the hymns. So there I am, listening to a Gregorian chant sung by two dozen 18-year-old boys in a pitch black room. One by one, the tech savvy began using the flashlights on their phones to light up the night. For a good 30 seconds it was terrifying. I couldn’t see, and it sounded like I was about to be sacrificed.” – Dave, 20

6. Losing your marbles

“So one of the ‘popular jocks’ guys was trying to get us to play a prank on the principle when we walked across the stage. He wanted us all to carry a handful of marbles and when the principle reached out to shake our hands we would greet him with a cold, lumpy handshake of glass spheres. Of course I was just thinking logistically about how awkward I would look walking on stage with a clinched fist. Who is providing all these marbles? How loud is it going to be hitting the stage when they drop? Just loads of questions. 

Most of us decided that was just too much going on to participate in so we went about the ceremony without it. As that guy who suggested it walks onto stage, you can clearly see his hand is full of something. When he reached out to shake the principles hand, he awkwardly started to unload the marbles into the principle’s hand who immediately pulled his hand back, letting them sprawl across the stage. Trying not to make a scene, the principle still shook his hand with a questioning look on his face and kept moving. Well, just as you would assume, the next girl behind him is beaming as she goes to walk her walk in her seemingly new espadrilles and she takes a tumble after stepping on a marble! That poor girl looked so embarrassed, as would any of us. Luckily she was the only one to catch a marble under her step, but you could see the staff on stage shuffling their feet trying to kick remaining ones off the edge.” – Regina, 24 

7. Guns and lawn chairs 

“So, because our graduating class was so large, we had to have our ceremony at an actual football stadium nearby. The stands were so packed with people, that families had to bring lawn chairs and set up camp in the surrounding grass to watch.

The ceremony was rowdy. The vibe was like a sporting event. Think confetti canons, airhorns, screaming.Halfway through the valedictorian speech (about unity and togetherness, of course) there was a massive commotion in the stands. 

Come to find out, two families from rival gangs had children commencing that year and one of them pulled a gun on the other. The police were called, someone was tackled, and as confetti rained from the sky, 1,500 polyester-capped grads were specter to at least three people being taken away in handcuffs.” – Maddie, 23

8. Bake it until you make it

“Before each introduction, Ms. Bernard provided a cute biography before each student made their walk. I was a huge kiss ass. All year, to manipulate my teacher into liking me, I would bring baked goods my mom bought from a local bakery for us once a week to my teacher and told her my mom baked it from scratch, especially for her. My mom had no idea about any of this. And she certainly can’t make shit from scratch. 

My teacher began a lovely story about a student who brought her fresh baked, (from scratch) treats weekly to brighten her week. Our morning chats over my ‘mom’s’ caramel coffee cake were the highlight of her week. After she said a few other things, she called me to the stage. 

My mom and my sister were in such disbelief of my fabricated dessert scheme that they were laughing so hard they were escorted out of the Holiday Inn banquet room. We both told my teacher after the fact, she didn’t find it as funny as my mom did.” – Danielle, 24

9. Escorted by mom

“Boy next to me threw up during commencement. The vomit smelled like alcohol, there were a few splatters on my shoes. He walked up and what looked to be his mom walked him out of the arena after he got his diploma.” – Andrew, 22

10. Fascist Grandma to the defense 

“At my graduation, I was the elected senior class speaker. I gave my speech on mercy and guilt, and then it was time for the getting of diplomas. Now, there was a guy in my class who was an avowed fascist ‘of the Italian school.’ His thesis was on this topic.

When his name got called, there was a boo from the back of the room. It was very, very tense. Then, there was another speaker. As this speaker was coming to the podium, this utter rando girl runs on stage and snatches the mic. She lays into the entire assembled crowd for booing the fascist, because it was ‘an absolutely disgusting example of bullying.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ Anyway, things continue. It was painfully tense, I was just praying for it to end. As the music started for us to process out, there was one last event. The fascist’s GRANDMA rushed the stage. She started yelling ‘Shame on you! I am disgusted in this school and this ceremony! Shame!’ She wouldn’t leave. As people came to get her off the stage, she flipped everyone the bird. The music kind of resumed. We all jogged anxiously out of there.” – Fiona, 25

11. Snack major with a focus on Cheetos

“I wanted to decorate a cute grad cap like any gal would. I had been trying to get Cheetos’ attention online for a few weeks prior to graduation (ie. one provocative spring break pic), but my attempts had fallen short. My grad cap seemed like the perfect little stage to showcase my appreciation. I brainstormed long and hard to come up with the perfect design or quote. My final vision: a Cheeto mosaic covering the entirety of the grad cap. However, a college careers worth of procrastination kicked in and I found myself hastily hot-gluing Cheetos onto my gap way too close to the deadline. I attended commencement with a graduation cap less than half covered in Cheetos and most of them fell off in the heat. 

Image: eve Obrien

After my failed mosaic I still had half a bag of Cheetos left which I kept in the billowing sleeves of my graduation robe as a snack. I walked across the stage and shook hands with our university president. As I approached the graduation photographer waiting just off the stage, I reached in and pulled out my Cheeto bag. I gripped it even more proudly than the slip of paper standing in for my diploma that day. 

Image: eve obrien

College taught me that hard work really does pay off. No, I’m not taking about the Bachelors degree —Cheetos commented on my Instagram post!!!! They say you peak in college. I believe it.”– Eve, 23

Congratulations to all of the students that have survived their graduations. It takes bravery to walk across the stage, not to mention without tripping. Or falling asleep. 

Editor’s Note: These stories have been edited for clarity. 

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Taylor Swift loves pushing people’s buttons, especially Ellen DeGeneres’. 

The “ME!” singer made a much anticipated return to The Ellen Show on Wednesday, making it her first appearance in two years. Swift commented on everything from her new kitten, Benjamin, to whether or not she washes her legs (she does). 

During the show’s “Burning Questions” segment, Swift is put on the spot plenty of times. 

When Ellen asks, “If you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, what do you do?” Swift answers, “I go downstairs and rummage through the kitchen and eat whatever I can find and it’s really less like a human being and more like a raccoon in a dumpster.” Who woulda thunk! 

She goes on to say that “fuck” is her favorite curse word and that Killing Eve and Queer Eye are some of her favorite TV shows. Though Swift remains mum on her new music, she does admit she dropped an Easter egg earlier during the show. 

Honestly, as someone who also enjoys scavenging in the kitchen at odd hours while muttering “fuck” under my breath, I’ve never related to Taylor Swift more. 

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What is the purpose of a roommate, if not to eat the rest of your OREOs when you’re not looking?

Technically, roommates aid in taking some of the financial burden that comes with renting a living space. But at what cost? If they’re going to make life a living hell by trashing the space or sending paragraph-long texts about the air conditioning, is it really worth it? 

We’ll leave that for you (or your rent) to decide. These 13 tales of roommate drama are harrowing. Proceed at your own risk! 

1. Furry alarm clock 

“Had a room mate who bred ferrets. They back into corners to shit and the musk smell can get pretty over powering. Not a knock on ferrets but they have to be cared for and let out under controlled conditions when there are more than six. I was sleeping, one night, when I was half awakened by a tickling on my leg. Brushed what ever it was away and pulled my hand from under the blankets with a small female ferret, its teeth firmly planted onto the little piece of skin beside the fingernail of my ring finger. Not a great way to wake up.” –  Stokeitup, Reddit

2. It’s a free country

“The first place I lived on campus was in a suite with three other girls. My actual roommate was nice enough, but she constantly (even while she slept) listened to a playlist with about 20 awful country songs. Over and over and over.

Also, if she ever listened to other music (more country), she would FLIP OUT and run over and turn off the volume if a song with a “bad word” came on.

Then her and the other two girls got angry with me because I wouldn’t go to church or non-drinking parties with them.

I had to move to the honors dorm where things were slightly more normal.” -AquaAndMint, Reddit

3. Too relatable.  

4. My loss, their gain

I had two roommates that kept eating all of my food. Within the first week (classes haven’t even started) I went to make myself a peanut butter sandwich, my first peanut butter sandwich in this dorm. It was fucking gone. They left the tub in my cupboard. Anyways I flipped the fuck out because who the hell eats a whole tub of peanutbutter by themselves, without introducing themselves? These girls would literally scarf down all my food, and bitch if they thought anyone was touching their food. So I started buying really fattening food, doughnuts, etc. I was trying to teach them self-restraint, but these bitches would go through these boxes within two days. So I kept buying doughnuts. And then one day they started complaining about how they couldn’t fit their jeans. Success. I also put laxatives in my peanut butter.” -Deleted, Reddit

5. Identifying the situation 

“My freshman roommate made and sold fake baptismal certificates that other students would use to get fake IDs. Sometimes I’d be in the room alone when some complete stranger would knock on the door to ask if this was the place to buy fake IDs. By the end of the year my roommate had made over $6,000 and never got busted.” –SwillFish, Reddit

6. (Protein) Shaking things up 

“My college roommate was an extremely quiet athlete who would go weeks without speaking to me. When she asked me one day if she could order some protein bars, I was confused by the question. Why would my weird quiet roommate need to ask me this? She failed to mention the quantity of protein bars she wanted. She ordered about 50 jumbo cases of protein bars and a similar amount of protein powder online one day. The boxes filled up the entire free floor area of our room for the rest of the year. I had a little pathway cleared so I could walk to my bed.” -mybfhaslesskarma, Reddit

7. Bad roommate. Period. 

“I had a roommate who would use her menstrual blood to fertilize her plants and asked the rest of the roommates to save ours for her as well. Not the worst part though. She came home one night at 2 a.m. drunk and mad at one of my other roommates. I heard the door slam open and then heard ceramic pots and our kitchen island go crashing to the ground. I went out to see what was happening and my roommate just yelled and flipped me off, so I went back to my room. Then my other roommate called the cops and had the girl arrested and got an order of protection against her so she wasn’t allowed back in the apartment. It was a wild night, but honestly what I deserve for finding random roommates on Facebook.” – Miller, 23

8. Paper-view

“University of Arizona, Santa Cruz Hall, fall of ’72. Second or third week, classes had started and there was some shuffling of people and I got moved down the hall. The dorm manager took me there, gave me my new key and introduced me to my new roommate, who I immediately got a weird vibe from, as he wouldn’t say anything or look me in the eye. I put down my suitcases, and left for a class. When I opened the door just a few hours later, my way was blocked by a butcher-paper wall with two paper doors in it. The doors were hinged with tape, and only the left one was open. I could see my things through it, so I entered, and from there I could see that he had constructed a central wall of butcher-paper, dividing the room floor to ceiling, giving us each half the window. The (metal) bunk bed had been moved to the center of the room and embedded in the paper wall, such that I could only get to the bottom bunk. He had the top. It was quite skillfully done. We each had complete privacy – there were no gaps anywhere, even on the floor. Though I admired his work, I didn’t want half a room, or a crazy roommate, so I got the manager, who gave me another room. Even though my new room was just two doors away, I never saw the crazy guy again.” -Deleted, Reddit

9. Don’t talk to the hand, talk to the puppet

“My roommate in the dorms wore a puppet on her shoulder and if you asked her a question she would answer with the puppet. It was a puppet of a griffin, which is a mythological creature that’s a combination of lion and eagle. It sucked. We also had all the same classes together and I woke up late more than once to that damn puppet in my face telling me the time.” -Untereq, Reddit

10. Passive meowing 

“My roommate was kicked out of school a month after I moved in, and basically never left our apartment. She was obsessed with her cat. As the year went on she began talking through the cat to me on a regular basis. For example, I’d get home and instead of saying hi, she would say “Leena was wondering where you were.” If I slept late on weekends she would text me “Leena misses you.” It got to the point she hardly ever spoke to me directly, just as the cat. It was simultaneously super creepy and annoying. I was overjoyed to finally move out.” -Latche, Reddit

11. Mommy dearest 

“My first roommate in college was extremely coddled by his mother (or at least I thought so). His home was about an hour away from campus and she came up every day to get his laundry and make his bed, clean his side of the room. They were both neat freaks, and I wasn’t a slob by any means but I wasn’t quite as neat as either them would have liked. What ended up happening is I would come back from class and find her making my bed, organizing my desk and picking up my dirty clothes. Didn’t really appreciate that but I didn’t want to make waves so I just kept my mouth shut. Finally it got really weird when I came back to the room after a class had gotten canceled and they were BOTH in the same twin bed. He was sleeping and she was stroking his hair/face and singing him a lullaby.” -Notalife, Reddit

12. Model behavior 

So I moved to NYC last May and got a room in a four bedroom in Harlem. My four roommates were all either aspiring actors or models, and all of them came straight from Paris. One night it was 3 a.m. and I’m woken up by the sound of someone loudly sobbing outside my door. I decide to mind my business but then there’s banging on my door, and the voice of one of the models, Clarisse, screaming for help.  

I open the door and she’s standing there in her underwear SOBBING and I’m asking her what’s wrong but she barely speaks English.

She goes, “I’m blind please God help me I’m blind.”

It’s 3 a.m. so I’m very confused and I’ve spoken to her only a few times in passing. I tell her it’s going to be OK and go to our freezer to get ice for her because in my half-awake mind I decide holding ice on her blinded eyes will fix the issue. I had forgotten that our fridge broke and all of us were too lazy to take the meat out of the freezer, and we adopted a “just don’t open it” policy when it came to the freezer— so I open it and there’s just an insane amount of rotting meat and I’m gagging and Clarisse is crying so loud. So I tell her to wait there while I go outside to get eye drops from across the street. 

I give her the eyedrops and a cold bottle of water I got and she asks me to help her put the eyedrops in because she’s shaking and afraid.

So I hold this girl’s sweaty ass eyelids open while she’s cursing in French in her underwear and I drop the eyedrops in and give her a banana to eat and literally tuck her in because I assume that will help (and at this point the whole apartment smells like rotting meat).

Apparently a photographer had told her that a lip gloss/nail polish cocktail looked great as eyeliner, so she did a photoshoot with that on her eyes, came home to try to wash it out, and it all went into her eyes.

Everything I did did not help and she later just went to a hospital after I went back to bed.” – Garrett, 24

So yeah, after reading those, I’m ready to move to the forest, Walden style. I don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming of a world that doesn’t involve any  models with eyelash needs.   

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This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.

Are they trying to break the internet?

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber released a humorously shoddy green screen video for their joint single, “I Don’t Care”  on Friday. If you need something to wake you up, this is it. 

Colorful visuals and silly costumes abound in the nearly four-minute video, which utilizes a bunch of green screens. Bieber appears in multiple roles, including human-sized corn on the cob, teddy bear, and an ice cream cone. Sheeran, on the other hand, dons an ’80s style track suit, a panda costume, and a Hawaiian shirt. As the background rapidly transforms from black tie event to a sky of cartoon rainbows, the singers dance around like the goofballs they are. 

The dance-y song is exactly what one could expect from the minds of Sheeran and Bieber, with breezy lyrics like, “‘Cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby, yeah / all the bad things disappear /
And you’re making me feel like maybe I am somebody.” 

Bieber’s been teasing the video all week on Instagram, posting hilarious stills like this one:

View this post on Instagram

I Don’t Care video out Friday. Tomorrow. 2pm BST

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Put together, the song and video go (panda) hand in (teddy bear) hand to create a perfectly light-hearted and fun moment. As they bop around to the music, you can tell they really don’t care

Also, given the green screen, we’re expecting some pretty decent memes to come out of this.

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YTMND, one of the internet's earliest and most popular meme websites, has closed its doors.

One of the internet’s earliest meme pioneers is no more. 

“You’re the Man Now, Dog!,” more commonly known as YTMND has shut down. Twitter users first noticed the site was no longer accessible on Monday and word quickly spread to forums and other corners of the web populated by those who were heavily influenced by the meme site.

YTMND was most well known for its user generated standalone pages filled with a single, tiled image or animated GIF, embedded with large text, and often with a sound or music file playing on loop. 

The domain was first registered by the site’s founder Max Golderberg on April 1, 2004. However, Goldberg had registered for the original standalone meme which sparked the idea for the use-generated YTMND way back on July 6, 2001. The site’s name is a reference to a line spoken by Sean Connery’s character in the 2000 film, Finding Forrester

The site was extremely popular in the mid-2000s and, despite advertising troubles that came with hosting offensive content, YTMND turned a profit. During its prime, the site gave birth to an array of popular internet memes of the time, such as Picard Song and Doesn’t Change Facial Expressions.

However, the site’s founder soon became tired of policing the death threats, doxxing, child pornography, and nazis that began populating the platform. Health issues, as well as falling traffic partly due to the rise of social media and declining ad revenue, soon led to a once-bustling internet community becoming an early internet meme museum. 

Goldberg has long alluded to the fact that his website, which he grew to hate, would probably not be around forever. He effectively stopped working on YTMND in 2014 but the site did live on — until this week.

“Besides being a time capsule I don’t really see a reason for it to continue to exist. It seems like the internet has moved on,” Goldberg said in a 2016 interview with Gizmodo. “And I’ve moved on too. I don’t have much interest in the site beyond it being good memories.”

Thankfully, foreshadowing the shutdown of your website years in advance has its benefits. Last year, the Internet Archive preserved a full copy of YTMND and will soon make it available on their website. Goldberg shared the archiving news on Twitter, seemingly confirming the death of his creation.

Sadly, YTMND, you’re dead now, dog. But, thanks for the memories.

Mashable has reached out to Goldberg for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

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